Keith R. Higgons was born in Minneapolis at Abbott Hospital during  one of the most tumultuous years in modern history. He is the second son of his parents and spent the majority of his youth traversing the Midwest while his father worked his way up the corporate ladder. After stints in his home state of Minnesota, Virginia and a brief year as an expat in Canada, the family settled in Centerville, Ohio, a suburb of the thriving metropolis of Dayton.

After completing high school, Keith made his way out to New York to spend some time getting familiar with his extended family, the big city and dive into the world of a post secondary education. Seven months later he moved back to Ohio to spend some time getting familiar with Ohio colleges. About one year later, it was back to the east coast, the nutmeg state of Connecticut.

Once settled in Connecticut, Keith continued what was now becoming an almost comical exploration of the American collegiate system. To help offset the costs of college and to help pay for his ever expanding beanie baby collection, Keith worked in retail before discovering the far more financially rewarding work of waiting tables…which led to a ten year foray into the liver hardening world of hospitality.

As the restaurant business ran its course, the dot com bubble was in full swing. Obviously, a move to California was next. Off to San Francisco. After the bubble burst it was down to Los Angeles, then a year in the only state the dark lord himself, Satan, calls home, Florida.

For the past ten years, Higgons has been living, working and playing in New York City. During that time he completed both his BA and MA from The New School University with a focus on Media Studies.

He currently works in media, writes plays, blogs, walks his dogs, plays with the cats and lives in New Haven, Connecticut.

For a more detailed history…stay tuned….

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