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Thanksgiving for Augustus Reynolds

HE He didn’t much care for Thanksgiving. It wasn’t the concept that bothered him so much as the pedestrian attachments and (mis)understanding people ascribed to it. Besides, the season always involved him traveling back to where he grew up. Traveling back to the place he couldn’t wait to escape was bad enough, but to have people constantly ask him about… Read more →


Media Pimps & Media Whores

We’re media whores. Comcast, News Corp,. Viacom, Disney, Time Warner (NOT the cable company) and CBS are our pimps. According to a report by Nielsen (hardly a reliable source, but seemingly the only one we have) we spend about five hours a day watching television. Not your laptop, desktop or tablet, the good old-fashioned talking box. The analogy between the… Read more →


Chris Rock Is Firing On All Cylinders

Ok, so I am a little late on this one. And maybe I take my comedy too seriously (ironic, huh). You see, I avoid Saturday Night Live. I don’t find it funny and personally think it has become an exercise in unfunny. I think people only watch it in the hope that it will be funny and then when something is modestly… Read more →


Where the Dead Things Are – October 25, 2014

This past Saturday, October 25 I participated in Rising Sun Theaters 24-hour Mash Up. It works like this: A theme is chosen, in this case “Children are Terrifying“. Then at 6pm on Friday, October 24, all the Playwrights, Directors and Actors gather to meet and choose a prompt, director and cast. The Playwright picks the prompt and the Director out… Read more →