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Only a couple of weeks left! You know, I’ve certainly told my share of lies through the years but one thing I have never lied about? How much I fuck-ing hate Valentines day. This isn’t the type of disdain I reserve for “Two and a Half Men”, Adam Sandler movies or Katy Perry songs. No, no my hatred for Valentines… Read more →


Black Mirror is now on Netflix. No more excuses.

So about one year ago (January 13, 2014) I wrote about Charlie Brooker’s television show, Black Mirror. I said you should really be watching it. Last week, Brooker was interviewed for WNYC’s On The Media and talked about it, A Paranoid Reflection of our Digital Age. Because all too often people have come up to me and prattled on about… Read more →


Yep. It’s winter.

Just ask Rufus. Yesterday snow, which means salt on the ground. Today bone chilling cold which means Rufus has to be bundled up…and wear his galoshes because the salt upsets his tootsies. …and yes that is an argyle sweater…think more grunge than preppy. …and yes that is a muzzle…I live in an apartment building. …and yes those black things on… Read more →