Manic Street Preachers

Manic Street Preachers

One of my favorite rock and roll bands is Manic Street Preachers. If you are reading this the odds are you’ve either heard of them or don’t really care. Despite recording for a huge multi-national (Sony) they don’t have distribution here in the states anymore. Makes being a Manics fan a little more challenging. Anyway, the Manics have always been a wildly politically progressive band. … Continue reading Manic Street Preachers


Williamsburg, Brooklyn Has Jumped the Shark

For the past seven years, I’ve lived in Brooklyn. New York. Before moving to Williamsburg, the worldwide epicenter of hip, I lived in Billyburg’s kissing cousin, Greenpoint. Both have been subjected to an aggressive gentrification agenda. One of the most aggressive in recent years. With gentrification comes hipsters. A lot of hipsters. Revelation 9:3-10 “Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they … Continue reading Williamsburg, Brooklyn Has Jumped the Shark



nerk noun A technologically focused individual who can not help but make other people feel inferior in their lack of technological experience or prowess. “Our helpdesk rep, Nathan, is a real nerk.” synonyms: jerk, asshole, dick, dummy, prick Thanks to the proliferation of technology, we are currently living in real life version of Revenge of the Nerds. Now in and of itself this is not … Continue reading Nerk


The PenIs Mightier

There is a great SNL Celebrity Jeopardy sketch where a category is “Pen Is Mightier” and Darrell Hammond’s Sean Connery keeps pronouncing it “Penis Mightier”. (Here’s a link to the audio and some sort of World of Warcraft like animation) And you know what? It’s true. The pen IS mightier (the jury is out on the penis being mightier).  We’re still 14 months away from the … Continue reading The PenIs Mightier


The Other NRA – redux

This was originally published in October of 2013 in wait(er) Magazine but as the subject is heating up again, I thought it was worth revisiting. The current federal hourly rate for tipped employees stands at $2.13. Yep, you read that correctly. In fact, it’s been stuck at $2.13 since 1991. You can pick your jaw up off the ground now. In all fairness, while that … Continue reading The Other NRA – redux


We do we suck as a species?

The tragedy in Virginia yesterday is shinning a light on two hot topic subjects. The media and gun control. Both complicated issues and tangentially linked.  While I don’t much care for guns and agree, in principle, with second amendment advocates, I do feel it may be time to have a very frank discussion about gun control and ownership. I feel more strongly about media, specifically the … Continue reading We do we suck as a species?


Oh! Say, can you see?

Donald Trump is leading the Republican polls (ahead of a GOP dynasty). Hillary is being pilloried about e-mails (seriously, how does anyone NOT know the only way to erase a hard drive is to burn it?) and Bernie Sanders, a Socialist from Vermont is gaining ground (I got nothing); you’d think this presidential election cycle couldn’t get more bizarre. You’d be wrong. Enter Deez Nuts. The … Continue reading Oh! Say, can you see?


Rectify – The best show you aren’t watching.

“I think we should banish expectations and re-instate wonder.“* Consider it re-instated. Season three of the Sundance Channel’s show “Rectify”  wrapped up last night with a few tears from the actors (and this viewer) and an uncharacteristic hint of optimism. For the past month I’ve tried to muscle up words to describe how good the show is and I simply can’t. It’s just sublime. The … Continue reading Rectify – The best show you aren’t watching.


We Suffer Alone

I’m writing from a place of sadness. A kind of empty sadness unlike any other I have ever known. I lost my mother recently. Well, it’s not like I misplaced her, she passed away. And wrestling with my emotions surrounding it is, on the best day, odd. On the worst? Painful. These days are the latter of the two. Now, this doesn’t mean I am … Continue reading We Suffer Alone


Modern Day Hatfields and McCoys? Media.

The animus that exists between traditional media and new media (linear media and digital media) befuddles me. I understand it as much as I do the longstanding battle between the Hatfield and McCoy’s…let’s hope this media battle isn’t as long. But why the hate? Is it ego? Hubris? Lunacy? All three? I find it hard to believe that with all the fancy educations so many … Continue reading Modern Day Hatfields and McCoys? Media.


(sigh) They’re at it again.

Comcast still doesn’t give a f*ck. They’re still the largest Telecommunications lobbying force in D.C. to the tune of almost $17 million dollars in 2014 lobbying for Telecommunications…by way of comparison, they spent $100,000 lobbying for television. Guess which category the Internet falls under? Control the media, control the message. This is happening now and you should pay attention because, if passed, this will have grave … Continue reading (sigh) They’re at it again.


Stick the Narrative

In gymnastics, it’s called stick the landing – v. phr. – to finish an athletic, gymnastic, or other sports performance with an ideal pose or stance, especially after a jump or leap. In media, let’s call it stick the narrative – v. phr. – to adhere to a particular message or thought despite contrary evidence; remaining independent of agency. If we examine structure and agency, … Continue reading Stick the Narrative