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Sammy Hagar Could Use Some More…

Sammy Hagar’s first album for Geffen Records, Standing Hampton, initially put the self-proclaimed “Red Rocker” on my musical radar. While not a huge fan, he was always on my radar. Frankly, if I am being honest, that’s really the only Sammy Hagar solo album I like. Sure, I like the Van Halen stuff a lot, but so much of his… Read more →

Florida Man

Florida Man by Sean Dunne

To know me is to know my affinity for the sunshine state, Florida. For a brief period I produced a short-lived web series called The Florida News Network News because, let’s be honest, weird shit goes on there. Normal stuff too, but…wow, some odd stuff. I might argue a disproportionate amount of strange stuff…but that’s just me. Now my approach… Read more →


David Carr

CBS news correspondent Bob Simon died tragically on Wednesday night. New York Times columnist David Carr died tragically last night. Two tragic days for American journalism. David Carr wasn’t from the east coast, he was from Minnesota. David Carr didn’t go to an Ivy League school and wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. David Carr was not… Read more →

Medical Records & Stethoscope

Like a Phoenix Rising

Surrounding ourselves in a shroud of secrecy, we have once again launched LTG Productions (formerly Los Tres Gatos – LTG, get it?). What began as a goof a number of years ago for a friend and I to produce a play that I had written has actually turned into a thing…an evolving thing, but a thing nonetheless. LTG will be… Read more →