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Where the Dead Things Are – October 25, 2014

This past Saturday, October 25 I participated in Rising Sun Theaters 24-hour Mash Up. It works like this: A theme is chosen, in this case “Children are Terrifying“. Then at 6pm on Friday, October 24, all the Playwrights, Directors and Actors gather to meet and choose a prompt, director and cast. The Playwright picks the prompt and the Director out… Read more →


Duke Rests in Peace

Before I had Rufus the Pitbull (mix), I had Duke the Rottwieler (pure). They’re both dogs from notoriously aggressive breeds. Rufus and Duke, not so aggro. Rufus is hyper and anxious. Duke was chill and peaceful. Extremely intelligent dogs prone to grave acts of stupidity. Rufus is mostly on edge, but sweet. Duke was never on edge, but always sweet.… Read more →


Theater Mash Up This Weekend

This Friday thru Saturday (10.24-10.25) I am participating in the Rising Sun Theater Company’s Theater Mash Up. So what is a “Theater Mash Up”? Well, up until Monday it was called a 24 Hour Play Festival…until Rising Sun learned someone held a copyright on the phrase “24 Hour Play Festival”.  Basically it is this…playwrights, directors and actors convene on Friday… Read more →


Jeff Zucker doesn’t need you.

Yea, that’s right, that Zucker doesn’t need anything from us to convince himself and the corporate war lords, past and present, that he is the go to television executive. I just finished reading this profile by Gabriel Sherman on the Zuckster, the guy with the brown fingered touch, from the 10.5 New York Magazine. It’s a pretty well balanced portrayal of… Read more →