Two New Articles Posted

A few months ago the folks at Metropolitan Magazine reached out to me after I had submitted a sample of my writing. I had forgotten about it but it turns out they liked it.

After a few pitches to Executive Editor Amber Snider they finally bit into a couple, Meet the New Boss: New Media and The Third Rail of Personal Finance.

Welp, they’ve just been published and you can click here or below to read them.

A couple of things to note, if you are below the age of 30 you may not want to read them as they contain a lot of “words” and neither of them could be called a “listicle“. Some of the words are actually more than two “syllables“, so…you’ve been warned. Should you actually decide to dive in and read them, here is a link to a dictionary. 

It will become immediately obvious that the magazine is not geared for millennials. Unless you are in the market for some luxury real estate. That said, I do think my New Media article, despite its length, may hold some appeal for you. 

Oh now don’t get your underwear in a knot if you’re under 30. It’s no secret you all have the attention span of a gnat and reading all those “words” might just induce a coma. I totally understand. I was once under 30 too. But you should know the article does have some nice photos.  

Thanks to Nik and Amber at Metropolitan for their help. I can’t tell you what an honor it is to be in the same magazine as Agent 99, Barbara Feldon.

If you want to download a .pdf to print and read click on either of the links below:

Meet the New Boss

Third Rail of Personal Finance

My articles are on pages 57-62