What’s News, Pussycat?

Ain’t nothing news anymore…at least not anything regurgitated in American media.

So the big “news” today is that Fox anchor Megyn Kelly had a meeting with ass monkey extraordinaire (and presidential candidate) Donald J. Trump (you really should notice how selective the media is in using the J).

Now, I never thought I would find myself on the side of Fox News, but I actually liked the way the network backed her up after the first Republican debate. You’ll recall she asked a couple of tough (and by tough I should simply say journalistic) questions of Donald J. Trump.

And Donald J. Trump responded accordingly. He spewed a bunch of misogyny and utter nonsense (he hasn’t stopped doing either…being a misogynist or spewing pure nonsense). Frankly, I couldn’t be more idealistically opposed to Fox News (I’ve tried) and yet I was proud(?) of them.

Until now.

Fox News is officially back to being a Trump pandering and Trump sycophantic whore just the way every other American media outlet is. Just consider the top five toughest questions asked of Donald J. Trump recently by media outlets:

  1. What is your favorite Ice Cream? (Vanilla, big shock)
  2. Boxers or briefs? (Tighty whitey’s)
  3. Where is a woman’s place? (In the kitchen and on her back, preferably at the same time so she can make me a sandwich when I am done)
  4. What is your favorite song? (New York, New York…duh)
  5. Where have you never been? (He’s been everywhere and seen everything)

Since +/- 90% of all media in the USA is owned and distributed by publicly traded companies, I will break it down for you. Simply put, Donald J. Trump (I just mistyped Trump as Turnip…I think I will start referring to him as Donald J. Turnip) brings eyeballs which brings ratings (which are fake anyway) which brings revenue (which is quite real). And since all of these companies are bitches to the dolt brigade that is Wall Street, revenue is much more important than news and wayy more important than any truth. Duh.

I probably wouldn’t be as upset if Donald J. Turnip had gone to Megyn Kelly’s house to clear the air, but that is not how it apparently went down. By all accounts Kelly went over to Trump Plaza to kneel before this hair pieced deity and kiss his pinky ring.

Now, that should alarm you because a newscaster is responsible for, well, being a newscaster and should never have to “clear the air” with someone they did their job with (provided they did nothing wrong…and Kelly did nothing wrong, unless you count doing her job as wrong).

As long as their little tiff has been going on, I don’t think anyone with an IQ above Forrest Gump would argue that Megyn Kelly asked or said anything during the debate that would have made Donald J. Turnips head rat go asunder. But he did get himself into quite a snit over it and since he’s a meglomaniacal misogynistic xenophobic asshole who just happens to be the Republican front runner…democracy be damned, journalistic integrity be f*cked, the Donald must be appeased (and believe me, it is not easy to type the words “journalistic” and “integrity” together when referring to Fox News). 

When a newscaster grovels before a politician and seeks forgiveness (for doing the job of a journalist) just to get in their good graces, we as a society lose.

Donald J. Trump is fond of saying that the world only has winners and it has losers (Charlie Sheen also feels the same way…just sayin). When it comes to “news” and covering important things that really matter, if we continue to only pay attention to traditional media outlets, our society and our culture will continue to lose and the only winners will continue to be the media companies and the dolt brigade on Wall Street.