Thursday July 26, 2018

Is Donald Trump evil? No.

To be evil requires a degree of cunning, intelligence (generally a first-grade level or above) and an ability to navigate the moral complexities of right and wrong. Donald trump is not smart (despite what he brays), he’s morally bankrupt and has no grasp of what is right and wrong.

More simply, Donald Trump is a fucking idiot.

Today it’s being reported that his fixer, Michael Cohen, may have “evidence” of “the most shameful” Trump rumors (it’s pretty evident that Donald Trump has no concept of shame) … rumors like paying off infidelities (is that really a rumor at this point), possible pregnancies (terminations, I am guessing … but wait, Trump is pro-life – but like most pro-lifers, that belief is tossed aside when you impregnate a woman outside of your marriage) and maybe even an illegitimate child (maybe that explains Eric).

Are you really shocked by this?

Trump rose to prominence in the 80’s … in NYC. If you think he didn’t have his face planted in a mirror snorting up the best of Colombia’s export and lifting his head up only to grab the ass (or pussy) of any woman who walked by, you’re not recalling the 80’s, you weren’t cognizant of the time or you weren’t born … and you haven’t been paying attention to what a monster and sexual predator Donald Trump is now. Do you somehow think he was more controlled as a younger “person”?

So, he was a philandering spoiled playboy in the 80’s. Big deal, right? True, not really a big deal … unless you end up sitting in the White House. Then, yea, it kinda is and rest assured, all that shit blows back your way. AS IT SHOULD … and apparently will.

Quickly, let’s address Trumps business acumen and his ability to make money. It’s worth repeating (as often as necessary) for anyone who thinks he is a good businessman (he’s really not). Donald Trump never really made money, his father (who, in fact, did make money) gave him money to start his career (no harm in that, it’s what most fathers would do). However, Donald Trump’s real estate career can be attributed not to business savvy but to the very same thing that got him elected as President. Dumb luck. NOT luck, dumb luck.

If you look closer at his business “success” you will quickly discover there are a lot more failures than successes (which is typical of ANY entrepreneur … but not every entrepreneur proclaims to be the best there ever was, have a 100% batting average and ends up the head of one of the biggest economies in the world).

Also this morning, Trump’s dummy minions have launched a bid to impeach Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein about all this Russia stuff. Look, where there is smoke there is fire. Vladimir Putin has SOMETHING on Donald Trump. It’s not some salacious video of Trump being an idiot (that MAY exist, but to be fair, you can turn on the news and see that any time … or read his Twitter feed). The idea of a pee tape is easily marketable and gets eyeballs. Whether it exists or not is irrelevant.

This isn’t about prostitutes or urine, Trump doesn’t care about either. This Russian thing is about money. That is the single most important thing to Donald Trump, the person and the brand. Trump doesn’t give a shit about any sexual impropriety (“grab ’em by the pussy” video ring a bell), but if you threaten to take away his money or infringe on his ability to make it, he goes ballistic.

Does Trump owe money to a Russian oligarch? Is Putin holding some development deal as bait? I don’t know but I know it’s not as simple as a pee tape. It’s money. 

Donald Trump may not be intelligent enough to be evil, but Vladimir Putin certainly is.

So, what becomes of this Cohen revelation? Of this long shot Rosenstein impeachment attempt? I don’t know. I don’t think anyone does. All anyone can do is speculate. Whatever it may be, it’s probably going to end up kinda shitty.

If we’ve learned one thing since Trump took office, it’s that when you find yourself scratching your head, exhaling, saying “jaysus, how much lower can we get?”, we miraculously sink lower. It’s getting exhausting.