United Nations

The United Nations General Assembly

The 68th Session of the UN General Assembly opened yesterday here in New York City. Next week dignitaries and political leaders from around the globe will descend onto Manhattan. They’ll be present for not only the General Debate but also to discuss such things as Sustainable Development and Nuclear Disarmament.

The liberal in me

The predominant left leaning liberal optimist  in me says “This is great!”

Every nation from around the world will come together and be given the opportunity to speak and to be heard, regardless of political ideology. It’s the very thing the UN was created for. It’s the gold standard for diplomacy. It awakens my dormant hope for humanity.

The cynic in me

The cynic in me says “What’s the point? The world is flucked up.”

Bringing all these knuckleheads together in one room to bloviate makes about as much sense as putting a condom dispenser in a catholic high school.

We’re not one world! Globalization is a farce. It’s erased the American manufacturing business and financially ruined millions. It certainly has not raised the standard of living in developing nations where the jobs went. There has not been this wonderful business and culture share across countries. In any universal application and honest analysis globalization has been an abject failure for the many. It has done nothing but exacerbate corporatism and expeditiously grow the division between rich and poor around the world.

The New Yorker in me

The New Yorker in me says “Shit, this better not fluck up my commute.”