White Nationalism and White Supremacy

What’s the difference between white nationalism and white supremacy?

Aside from wardrobe. 

Granted white nationalism is a much more marketable and relatable term because hell, by the words alone, I am a white nationalist. Now, I may not believe the United States is the best country on the planet but it is the place I am proud to call home; and I’m an active participant in society and in trying to make it run without too much dysfunction. I’m white and I believe in America and by default doesn’t that make me a nationalist? I would submit that it does. 

While I know where I differ on the whole white supremacy thing I suspect the same things that alienate me from white supremacy keep me out of the white nationalist movement too. We probably differ on taxes and healthcare and maybe not having a sniper scope grid be the best graphic design choice. I believe the government has certain obligations to its citizens and those citizens, regardless of skin color or religious belief, have rights. Oh, I suppose I differ from white nationalists on gun control too. And then there is my steadfast belief that we, as Americans, truly are a melting pot and while we must remain vigilant about who gets into the country, I do firmly believe we should let all eligible people in and do our best to help them assimilate. 

I mean, outside of those differences, I am practically a full-fledged white nationalist. 

But we also can’t ignore the new-found use of the phrase alt-right. While a seemingly innocuous phrase whereby one could interpret it as simply far right leaning individuals, it’s not. 

Now I’m not saying all heavily leaning right people are racist in the same way I am not saying all alt-left people are socialists. As I said recently, life is more complicated than that. However, there is more than enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that those that claim to be alt-right are, in fact, people we should be leery of. 

Take everyone’s favorite current lightening rod, President elect Donald Trump’s selection for chief strategist, Steve Bannon. The only man who may make Karl Rove look like a lefty hippie liberal. For example, the former Breitbart executive news chairman and alt-right cannon Bannon recently declared that having too many Asian CEO’s undermines ‘civic society’. I’m not exactly sure how but hey, freedom of speech, right?

While I don’t think Bannon’s belief’s alone should disqualify the alt-right white nationalist as a chief strategist….oh wait, yes I do. I think the guy is a fuckin nut job. He may even make Alex Jones sound rational (no, strike that….that’s impossible). 

While very little, if anything aside from the aforementioned wardrobe, separates white nationalism and white supremacy there is one great divide between the two and that is people’s understanding. From what I can gather they are fundamentally very similar, if not the same, and we must be very vigilant in keeping an eye on them. White supremacy has the KKK and neo-nazi’s the white nationalist movement has Breitbart and the alt-right, a term coined by National Policy Institute president Richard Spencer in 2008. Spencer is an outspoken support for making the US an all white ethno-state.”

While I can support these people and their right to exist and espouse their retarded views we must remember that the alt-right, white nationalists and white supremacists are truly an axis of evil. Regardless of the moniker they choose. They are all free to think what they want but we must keep them on our radar as they now have a real opportunity to ascend to the upper echelons of the American electorate. 

They all three threaten what remains of our democracy.