The PenIs Mightier

There is a great SNL Celebrity Jeopardy sketch where a category is “Pen Is Mightier” and Darrell Hammond’s Sean Connery keeps pronouncing it “Penis Mightier”. (Here’s a link to the audio and some sort of World of Warcraft like animation)

And you know what? It’s true. The pen IS mightier (the jury is out on the penis being mightier). 

We’re still 14 months away from the presidential election and, if you believe the media, Donald Trump is the next President of the United States. That is apparently “fact” inasmuch as the media says it is and people seem to have resigned themselves to this. 

His banausic and populist rhetoric aside, he won’t win. He can’t win. (A note to God, I know we’re not terribly close and I’ve spent the majority of my life wrestling with Pascal’s Wager, but here is my promise to you. Don’t let him win and I swear I’ll become a solid believer.)

Do you honestly think the Republican Party would allow a victory from this buffoonish ass monkey? (You’ll recall from fifth grade social studies, and the 2000 election,that the popular vote doesn’t elect the president.)

My theory on Trump is this.

Trump, a miscreant demagogue that has been sent up from the depths of hell by the dark lord himself to infiltrate and dumb down any sort of intellectual discourse and if you look closely you will see his cloven hoof…oops, wrong post. My bad.

Trump is very simply, an agitator. He’s here to make Jeb Bush (or whoever ends up being the official nominee) appear less crazy and less conservative than they actually are and to move the conservative needle just a little away from the lunatic fringe Trump has taken it to.

It is a designed strategy to lure more middle of the road Democrats (aka Reagan Democrats) away from Clinton, Biden, Sanders, etc. without believing they are supporting a crazy person. You can hear it now “Hey, at least Bush, Rubio, Paul, et al. isn’t Trump and they’re not (insert Democratic nominee here).”

Do I think this is a conscious effort on the part of the Republican Party? Yes.
Do I think it was planned? No. I do not. But the party is smarter than Trump and is not dumb enough to ignore the gift of his candidacy.

The Republican Party strategically figured out a way that they could benefit from having this narcissistic lunatic in the race.

I have no doubt whatsoever, a deal was struck between the party and Trump once the leaders of the party realized that Trump, regardless of…well anything, has somehow grabbed a hold of the zeitgeist and subjugated it.  And if you doubt a deal was struck between the GOP and Trump to get his support regardless of the nominee, allow me to point you to the title of his literary piece de resistance, The Art of the Deal

By focussing all the attention on Donald Trump, the Morton Downey Jr. of politics, it will allow the party to develop a stronger, and potentially more lethal, strategy for winning the presidency by working the second tier candidates until Trump invariably implodes (he will). 

You may recall this sleight of hand tactic (what I call the pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” ) was a benchmark of the eight years under George W. Bush. Incidentally, where the hell has he been?

If you know anything about that bloviating phallus, you know there is no way he would concede to support the nominee if it weren’t him. No way. Nuh-uh. No how. The man is a megalomaniac and in no uncertain terms would he concede to anything if he truly wanted to win (and he usually does want to win) unless there were something in it for him (ambassadorship maybe).

But if you believe the press (and I am pleading with you not to or at least do your own research) Trump has already won.

As we follow the next 14 months keep in mind that almost 90% of our media is coming from five companies. They have an agenda. Their pen is mighty, yes. It is not stronger than your resolve to find the truth, wherever it may be lurking.

Here is the power of the pen. It resonates. We’re still reading the bible, the Torah and the Quran. In fact, those are the very pieces of writing causing so much strife in the world right now. But look, the pen is mightier than the sword only if you allow it to be. Which is not to say pick up a sword, for fucks sake, don’t do that.

Find your pen.

It means we must all seek out the truth. Not as we want the truth to be but as it is. It will always be distorted and biased but with enough knowledge we can shape our own opinions and find some semblance of truth. The truth is always present and it’s our duty to find it. 

When you find it, share it, write about it. Participate. Resonate.

And so help me God, if Donald Trump utters any semblance of the phrase “You’re fired” when he looses I will snap.