The Irony

I can’t believe I am the only one who recognizes the irony in the first gold medal being awarded to an American comes in a firearm competition. Can you imagine how pissed the NRA would have been had we not gotten a medal at all? (shuddering)

Oddly also coinciding with the release of the would be assassin of Republican deity Ronald Reagan, John Hinckley (where is the outcry over that GOP?)

Let’s just hope Hinckley hasn’t seen The Beaver.

I just started reading the new biography on Bobby Kennedy called, Bobby Kennedy by Larry Tye. So far I’ve learned that the penultimate liberal began his career working for none other than super hawk (and noted drunk and marginal lunatic) Joseph McCarthy. Yes, the McCarthy of McCarthyism.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

Even if he only did work for him for a few months (he was more or less pushed out by SUPER lunatic Roy Cohn) it seemed incongruous to the man I revere. But Tye’s excellent explanation made it clear why he stuck around and remained friends with Joe McCarthy until his death (I won’t spoil it but let’s just say Kennedy had a strong hand in eventually helping bust up the HUAC.)

And speaking of politics and lunacy (one so rarely escapes the other), as we slog our way through to November with the ONLY guy who could have made Roy Cohn look remotely sane, Donald J. Trump (not surprisingly, Cohn and Trump are linked…peas in a pod and all that), and the only woman who actually scares Satan, Hillary Clinton (no known links to any certifiable lunatics….narcissists, yes), I thought it might be a good idea to post another Bobby Kennedy speech.

You know I do this and it saddens me that in each one I have posted I am reminded that things have not gotten better in 50 years. They’ve actually gotten worse.

I post these in the hopes one person might read them and say “You know what? Enough already.” We don’t have to have the answers to make a change.

This speech is about the hot button issue of gun control (I DON’T WANT YOUR FUCKING GUNS, RELAX!)

This is from a speech Bobby Kennedy gave in favor of firearm legislation (HE DIDN’T WANT YOUR FUCKING GUNS EITHER, RELAX!) before the Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency (they actually might have wanted your guns) of the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 11, 1967.

I am grateful for the opportunity to testify today on a matter of deep national interest. Regulation of the sale of firearms is, in my judgement, essential for the safety and welfare of the American people.

Every year thousands of Americans are killed by firearms…The great majority of these deaths and crimes would not have occurred if firearms had not been readily available. For the evidence is clear that the availability of firearms is itself a major factor in these deaths…

Basically, this bill would subject deadly weapons to a lessor control than we have always imposed on automobiles, liquor or prescription drugs. The use and sale of these things are carefully regulated by federal, state and local government. The same should be true of firearms.

Nevertheless, the nation, Congress, and sportsmen have been subjected to a massive publicity campaign against this bill. This campaign has distorted the facts of the bill and misled thousands of our citizens. Those responsible for this campaign place their own minimal inconvenience above the lives of the many thousands of Americans who die each year as the victims of unrestricted traffic in firearms. The campaign is doing the nation a great disservice.

And in recent weeks, the campaign has taken a new and more vitriolic turn. Opponents of the legislation have suggested the need for people to arm themselves against civil disorder – an inflammatory invitation to help break down the law and order – and have implied that enactment of the bill would stop this “essential” process from taking place. The premise is destructive, and the conclusion irrational…

The time for enactment of this badly needed legislation is now, before one more senseless death occurs with a cheap mail order weapon.

We have a responsibility to the victims of crime and violence. It is a responsibility to think not only of our own convenience but of the tragedy of sudden death. It is a responsibility to put away childish things, to make the possession and use of firearms a matter undertaken only by serious people who will use them with the restraint and maturity that their dangerous nature deserves – and demands.

For too long, we have dealt with these deadly weapons as if they were harmless toys. Yet their very presence, the ease of their acquisition, and the familiarity of their appearance have led to thousands of deaths each year – and to countless other crimes of violence as well.

It is past time that we wipe this stain of violence from our land.

Viva La Revolucion!