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Like herpes, Florida likes to periodically remind the rest of the country of its existence. No matter how many times or ways we try to forget, it flares up and begs us to take notice (usually in some hideous and insane manner like ruining elections).

After this weeks reminder, I figured it was time for another FLNNN reboot.

What follows is a three-minute reminder that Florida is still home to some of the most transgressive acts of absurdity (that isn’t meant to be a compliment).

Obviously, we know what the biggest story from Florida this week was, but I found six others this week that for a variety of reasons caught my attention so I share them with you now.  

You may listen and scratch your head and ask “Surely, those can’t be real stories.” Alas, they are (links below). 

The stories:


Bald Eagle

George Zimmerman

Sir Save-A-Lot

Bed Bugs

Pregnant Robbery