Summing Up the Democratic Nominees

Yea, don’t worry, I’m not going to sum up the entire 198 Democratic Nominees. Only the top five.

As the two nights of debates are next week, it’s probably best to know who is about what. If you rely on news, you’re not going to get a clear picture. To most news organizations it’s still the “Joe and Bernie Show”, for some unknown reason. Two men deep into their 70’s are not the future of the party, besides, they’re the Democratic Party equivalent of the movie Grumpy Old Men.

Wisely, people are beginning to notice and examine the other candidates.

As a public service, I’ll button up the current top five candidates campaign attitude and philosophy for you.

I’m here to help.

Vice President Joe Biden – Patronizing, a little chauvinistic and condescending, Biden is a big party political relic. Not entirely creepy . . . but not entirely uncreepy. He can best be summed up this way:
“Don’t worry people, I got this. Leave it to good ol’ Joe and we’ll get back on track. Don’t you worry.”
Definitely worry.

Senator Bernie Sanders – The oldest of the bunch and a marginally cantankerous candidate. Trustworthy and honest, more grandfatherly than presidential. Sanders is the type of man who will angrily return his soup at a diner (thanks to Seinfeld).
“What we need is medicare for all.”
Yes, we do, but we need much much more.

Senator Kamala Harris – Tough, solid former prosecutor from California. Unafraid to deal with the issues however, probably a little more middle of the road and methodical than the other candidates.
“Well, that’s not a bad idea. Let’s think about it.”
We don’t have time to think, we need to act.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg – Articulate and sharp Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Groundbreaking candidate who may still be a little too green but maybe not. He is really smart. I’m guardedly a fan, however, my guess is he probably leans a little more right then I think he’s letting on. He’s from Indiana . . . . and was in the military, don’t think that doesn’t matter.
“That’s one way to look at it, we’re going to have to examine it a little more closely.”
See previous comment under Kamala Harris.

Senator Elizabeth Warren – Powerful and committed former school teacher and professor from Massachusetts. Has a clear vision and unafraid to articulate it. Not politically pliable in her dedication to honesty and truth.
“This is all a mess. Here’s how it works, here’s how we got here, here’s how we fix it. Now let’s fix it together.”
Okay, I’m listening.

There you go. It’s about all you need to know.


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