So, I’ve Been Thinking

“So, I’ve been thinking” are, collectively, some of the most dreaded words in the English language. Almost as bad as “I think we should talk.”

Last night I was reading The Revolt of the Elites and The Betrayal of Democracy by Christopher Lasch. Published in 1995, this was his final tome’ and in a chapter called “The Lost Art of Argument” he highlights some of the muddy water between TV, journalism and politics (talk about a strange threesome, when those three get together, everyone leaves frustrated, in particular the proletariat) and it was almost as if Lasch could see into the future:

At this point in our history the best qualification for high office may well be the refusal to cooperate with the media’s program of self-aggrandizement. A candidate with the courage to abstain from debates’ organized by the media would automatically distinguish himself from the others and command a good deal of public respect…They (politicians) need to recover their self-respect by challenging the media’s status as arbiters of public discussion. A refusal to play by the media’s rules would make people aware of the vast, illegitimate influence the mass media have come to exercise in American politics. It would also provide the one index of character that voters could recognize and applaud.

Sounds familiar, don’t it?

I then started thinking about ass monkey extraordinaire Donald J. Turnip and maybe, just maybe, I got this whole thing wrong. I mean, I still think he is a xenophobic, misogynistic, megalomaniacal jack ass, wickedly incompetent to be President of the United States (and still don’t think he believes half of the shit he prattles about) BUT I’ll be damned if that passage didn’t make me reconsider the man. No, I still don’t think he’ll win the Presidency. I remain steadfast that it will be Hillary Clinton. Not that it matters, I suspect whoever it is it is a one term presidency. Both parties need to start looking ahead (which neither are particularly good at).

ANYWAY, I thought to myself, “Hmm, what if Trump is up to something larger that the presidency here” and woke up to find this interview from the New York Times. In talking about the race for delegates he states:

It’s a rigged system. It’s a disgraceful, disgusting rigged system in the Republican Party. Worse than the Democratic Party, because in the Democratic case it’s obvious with superdelegates. Look at Bernie. He wins every week, and everyone says he can’t win. In the Democrat Party, it’s obvious because they have a superdelegate, that’s like throwing it in your face. The Republican Party is worse, the Republican Party has a system where you can buy the delegates if you want. And you can do anything you want with a delegate, except give them cash. I can play the game better — I can fly them on a 757 to Mar-a-Lago, I can fly them to California where I own a place that’s unbelievable, on the Pacific Ocean. But it’s a bad system. You’re buying the election. It’s really wrong, and I’m looking into it, legally.

The man BRAZENLY admits he will simply purchase the delegates. The BALLS on this guy! On the one hand…the BALLS on this guy…and on the other hand big ups for calling it like it is!

For one split second I was actually impressed with his candor. And then of course, when he was asked if he actually wants the job, he said:

Look, there’s no greater honor. But I’m not doing it for the honor. I’m doing it because I really believe that with substance, intelligence and having the proper decision-making ability, which I have, we can make this country so successful, so fast. We can bring it back. You know, make America great again. Which is also a great slogan.

I have said it before, the man does NOT want to be president!So, there you have it. By refusing to play by the media’s, politics, societies…hell ANY rules (except those that allow him to purchase delegates…legally) Donald Trump has, inadvertently, given modern politics its most astute definition, “All you need is a great slogan and then the money to purchase the rest.” Fuck. Me.

Fret not, as Nate Cohn also points out a loophole that proves a Trump GOP nomination is not a done deal.

We all know Democracy is on life support and just when I think someone has unplugged the respirator, another person comes along and plugs it back in.