It Holds Up

In September of 1994 the wounds were still too fresh.

Sounding like Kurt Cobain was a sore spot for a lot of people. But the legacy of any good artist is their influence and in the case of Kurt Cobain, we saw that influence almost immediately from Australia’s Silverchair.

Made when they were teens, their 1994 debut Frogstomp contained the hit song “Tomorrow“. It was a monster song that defined that autumn of our grunge discontent. And 20 years later it still sounds pretty good, perhaps even better because it’s a little further removed from the shadow of Nirvana.

The cynics will say Silverchair was the record companies attempt to fill the void and capitalize on a trend (I’d like to see what those cynics were doing when they were 16). And maybe they’re right…but good music holds up and good bands build careers. Time ultimately proves who matters, not the cynics

To Silverchair’s credit, and their talent and strength, they’re still a successful and creatively viable band (the band is currently on an “indefinite hiatus”). I guess it’s those things that makes this song, and the band, 20 years on, still ring true.

Good music never lies and it never dies.