Shaking the Sno Globe

I’m glad psychedelics are becoming more of a topic of discussion. They’ve been unjustly vilified for too long. Vilified by the very people who could most benefit from ingesting them. Many were actually created and used medically until made illegal and there is solid medical history of their benefit and, as it turns out, there are ongoing studies that prove their worth.

Personally, I’m a fan.

Yes, there are stories of bad experiences. Those stories are unfortunate, but they are far from the norm. But you know what? There are bad stories of people taking Penicillin … or Anacin.

Psychedelics like LSD, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, Peyote and MDMA are showing positive results in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction and aiding people with terminal illness. The research is ongoing … and being performed by reputable institutions like Johns Hopkins, NYU and Yale, among other private studies like MAPS.

It’s unlikely you will see a pharmaceutical company conduct studies because Ayahuasca and Peyote grow naturally and the patents have expired on LSD, Psilocybin and MDM. Accordingly, big pharma has no incentive to do research. 

Psychedelics can open your mind and let you experience life in an egoless world and allow you to look inward. You can experience many things but often you’ll encounter an overwhelming peace, serenity and a feeling of endless joy. It’s also common to have some type of invigorating spiritual encounter. One of the reasons that they’re proving beneficial is that because you journey inward, the potential is available for you to obtain a much clearer perspective about issues that may have been concerning you beforehand.

You often exit your journey with a profound quiet and calm that didn’t exist before. It’s by no means a fix, and it is not touted as such, but it’s a little like hitting CONTROL-ALT-DEL on your computer. Writer Michael Pollan has referred to it as “shaking the sno-globe“, which is a fair analogy.

After your trip, your sno-globe has been shaken, you psyche somewhat re-aligned and you have a sense of peace.

So, you go to bed.

Then you wake up to find that someone has shit all over your sno-globe.

Whatever peace you may have unearthed the day before has been usurped by the American calamity that is President Donald Trump. A politician who can be described as a political Pig Pen; as opposed to being surrounded by dirt like the Peanuts character, Trump is surrounded by lunacy and chaos. To wit:

Sno-globes covered in shit can really harsh ones mellow.

You’re VERY unlikely to overdose on psychedelics and they aren’t addictive like prescription opioids (legal), tobacco (legal) and alcohol (legal); BUT because of the experience, there is nominal evidence to suggest that they CAN be habit-forming (however, there is no point in that because it lessens their efficacy). Marijuana can be habit-forming too and we’re trending toward legalization there … just sayin.

Psychedelics are illegal (although slowly progressing towards legality) and they’re powerful.

Simply put, psychedelics are not for everyone.

If you’re open to having your sno-globe shaken about, do your research, a lot of it. And if you’re still interested, be responsible, be smart and proceed with caution … and be aware that when you come out of the psychedelic tunnel, your sno-globe is gonna be covered in shit.

Not forever, just for now.