The Stephen Collins Thing

So much for that whole “innocent until proven guilty”, huh?
So much for the sanctity of marriage and therapy, huh?

Look, whatever Stephen Collins did (and it’s allegedly horrible behavior) his career is over. There is no erasing the stink of child molestation, regardless of guilt or innocence.

However inappropriate his alleged behavior may have been, what does it say about a wife who takes a recorder into a therapy session and releases it to TMZ? I am literally confused by what’s worse…that or the fact that our society laps up that sort of information like it is actually news (it’s not news).

Is that what our culture has become?

Had she quietly turned the recording over to the police in the interest of justice, fine.
Turning them over to the media and the sensationalistic dolt brigade that is TMZ, not so much.

I just can’t wrap my head around the reasoning for why his wife took all this shit public, seemingly BEFORE going to the authorities. NOW the authorities are involved. And that’s great.

Sure, if true, Collins is an asshole and heartless prick, but her behavior certainly speaks volumes about her character. I’ll go ahead and choose to believe she didn’t make money off the release, but the cynic mumbling in my right ear tells me she did.

Hollywood is full of debauched minds and atrocious behavior. Who on earth doesn’t know this already?!

Look, I think what Stephen Collins is purported to have done is reprehensible but I still choose to believe in one of the tenants of our democratic society, “Innocent until proven guilty”.

Admitedly, I have not heard the tapes (I honestly don’t need that shit clouding up my head) and if what he is reported to have said and done is true, he’s flucked. If charges are filed then I firmly believe that the burden of proof is on the state to prove him guilty (and based on what I have read, they’d have to be complete idiots to screw this up).

BUT, I don’t think the wife or TMZ should get a pass. They didn’t break any laws but certainly took some great latitude with ethical behavior and trust. That woman broke the most sacrosanct principles of both marriage and therapy, privacy.

NO, it is not in the same league as his alleged crimes, but it is still super shitty. Anyone who has the audacity to utter “Yea, well, at least she didn’t molest children.” is an idiot. No, she didn’t…BUT one MIGHT argue that by doing this and bringing it up now she could indirectly be molesting them by re-victimizing the kids (OK, that’s kinda weak…but she sucks, admit it).

This is a scenario in which NO ONE wins or comes out OK. No one.

Collins suffers because his entire career will be re-framed and immediately obliterated.
We suffer as a culture for proving we’re infinitely more vapid than we could ever possibly admit.

But who suffers the most?

The potential re-victimization of the kids he may or may not have diddled. And that’s wrong.

I don’t have kids. Hell, I don’t even much like ’em, but I certainly don’t think they should have their childhood ripped from them by an adult flashing his dick in front of them or touching them inappropriately…or God forbid anything worse.

And thanks to the disgruntled Mrs. and the dolts at TMZ, these poor kids are potentially going to have to face that heartless monster again and relive a terribly awful experience.

Let kids be kids. They will have plenty of time to realize life can be kinda shitty. Why rush that process? Anyone who rips the innocence from a kid is a selfish and heartless monster and deserves appropriate justice…handed down by the law.

If the allegations prove to be true, and a court convicts him or he admits to it, then Stephen Collins deserves to be punished (we all know how prison justice tends to work out what lady justice doesn’t with child molesters).

Nonetheless, his career is ruined.
Culturally we are knocked down a few more pegs (which you would think would be impossible at this point).

But the worst thing of all is that these kids run the risk of being re-victimized.

And that is shitty.
And it breaks my heart.