Random Thoughts – Thursday January 14, 2016

I’m too busy to write a full-blown thought out post and realize Twitter is more or less a blast into the ether, so I am jotting down some random thoughts.

  1. Am I seriously the only one who thinks Ted Cruz is the political ghost of Richard Nixon? Deceitful and malleable politician with only his interests at heart (OK, that’s every politician). Oh, and Cruz is super creepy. 
  2. I understand the David Bowie thing now. I was always more of a Bowie Greatest Hits kind of fan and appreciated his artistry, but this guy was something else…to so many people. The joy of art is that the artist dies, but the work lives on. (Internet theories are beginning that he committed suicide, assisted or otherwise. I’m not sure that it matters, he’s gone. The world mourns the loss of a true artist, as it should.)
  3. The Oscar Nominations are in…nothing too shocking. Bummed Call Me Lucky didn’t get a nod, but happy Hank Corwin got one for editing The Big Short. Had the chance to spend an afternoon with him a few years ago. Very nice and very creative. Oliver Stone’s U-Turn isn’t the best movie but this opening title sequence that Corwin edited is amazing. 
  4. No one reads the news anymore. It’s 500 word articles, Twitter headlines and Instagram photos/videos; then forgotten while we chase the Kardashians. Sad.
  5. All this technology and access to communication and culturally we are moving towards a place where we are communicating via emoji. Communicating with simple images. Like cavemen. Progress?
  6. Donald Trump is tarnishing his brand with the people who can afford his garish dreck and polishing it with people who can’t. The password is…irony.
  7. Basements are places were strange things happen. Garages are for entrepreneurs and bands and basements are for pedophiles and teenage debauchery. Ted Cruz probably launched his campaign from a basement. 
  8. Man, did I feel old. This song has almost 125 million views on YouTube and I have never heard it or of the artist, Rachel Platten (we’ll go ahead and apply a very liberal definition of “artist”). Is this the anthem for ‘tweens? Christ, I hope not. We had “Eye of the Tiger” and they get this? Sad.
  9. I had a colleague say to me that I hate women. Yesterday I was privy to a conversation where some women around me were discussing their first menstrual cycle…it then devolved into a discussion of other “firsts”. Well, this was the first time I was within ear shot of listening to this shit. I don’t hate women, I love them, I just wish they’d shut the fuck up. 
  10. Aside from people passing away (mom, Lemmy, Bowie and today Alan Rickman, etc.) getting old isn’t so bad, provided you don’t spend your time chasing dragons. I wish some artists felt the same way. I just heard the single from the new Elton John album (album? really?), produced by Americana God T-Bone Burnett. Even though he is reunited with his classic band mates and writing partner, it sounds like Sir Elton is chasing the country dream. Kinda just wish he’d just be himself.

Until next time…