Random Thoughts Monday February 29, 2016

Ten Random Thoughts At Noon:

  1. Sometimes the Oscars get it right. Make no mistake, Spotlight was the best movie of last year. Not for nuthin, but I called that two minutes after I saw it (just sayin). It is THAT good. But if you are expecting shit blowing up or scantily clad…err, priests, you are…well, you’re strange. 
  2. Mark Rylance IS the BEST actor you have never heard of. I had the pleasure of seeing him twice on Broadway and his performance in Jerusalem is without a doubt the most amazing theatrical performance I have ever seen. OK, I’ll put it another way…he is the male Meryl Streep.
  3. Chris Rock is the BEST stand up comedian of any generation right now (Louis CK is also great, but they are wildly different stylistically). Watching him work the stage is like watching a lion move back and forth in a cage. People may poo-poo his monologue from last nights Oscars, BUT it was spot on…and nothing short of brilliant. Chris Rock is creatively firing on all cylinders. 
  4. I was driving back from my friends house after dinner last night and doing 65mph on the Merritt Parkway, which is 10mph OVER the speed limit. I was visually chastised by three cars (flashing their damn brights in my mirror). Exactly WHERE were these idiots going at 10pm on a SUNDAY that SPEEDING wasn’t good enough? On that note, I can honestly say, I think drivers have gotten worse over the past few years…and this coming from a guy who totalled five cars before my 22nd birthday…so I know a shitty driver when I see one. 
  5. While this may be from 2011, it STILL resonates today and is one of the funniest things I have read on the Internet: Shut Up: Generation X is Sick of your Bullshit.
  6. OK, last time. DONALD TRUMP WILL NOT BE PRESIDENT! In the event you have completely forgotten, the popular vote does not elect the President of the United States! Just ask Al Gore.
  7. Speaking of Donald Trump. He is the Kanye West of politics as Kanye West is the Donald Trump of music. Put another way, they’re only good because they TELL us they are. Oh, and I recently mentioned how Trump raised some good kids…these would not be the kids I was referring to: Trump, JR. Offers To Pay for Black Celebrities to Leave when President Trump is Elected…cuz, ya know, THAT isn’t offensive. 
  8. There is a whole generation out there that doesn’t understand that for close to ten years Elton John was one serious BAD ASS. His ONLY peer at his peak was the Beatles…and they had already broken up! Yes, he was THAT good. He recently performed “Levon” on The View and the song still brings tears to my eyes. If it doesn’t make you feel something, you may not have a soul…or a pulse. Sure, his range is not what it used to be, but he’s 68!! Let’s see in 40 years if fucknut Kanye (or any other ass monkey popular today) can still get a booking, let alone perform at this level? 
  9. …and speaking of ass monkey’s, what’s the deal with the weeknd (silly hair aside)? I just found out it was one guy and not a band. I’m guessing that is not his Christian name. I thought it was The Weekend…until I was further corrected that it was simply the weeknd (lower case even). And people made fun of Prince when he switched his name to a symbol (however ridiculous, it was for a solid and legitimate reason)…oh, and Prince IS his real name (Prince Rogers Nelson)…oh, and he IS a genius. the weeknd? That ain’t his name, he certainly is no genius and, frankly, he just makes me wish it was Monday…and it is. 
  10. Cynicism is the easy way out. Don’t do it. Which may seem an odd note to end a random list of rants, but it’s true. Sure, I may dislike the weeknd, but he’s doing work and it is resonating (for reasons only known to God…who says payola is dead). Simply denouncing Donald Trump is not enough. Read, do your research, you’ll see he is one seriously misinformed and scary ass motherflucker and there is something far more sinister at play here. You can hate Chris Rock all you want (and I don’t much care for his movies) but you can not deny his genius. I suppose people are well within their right to speed on the Merritt Parkway, however dangerous it may be. Yes, Oscar awards (most awards aside from the Peabody Awards) are more often than not a popularity contest (Leonardo has deserved an Oscar for everything he is in, he is that good of an actor) or as Chris Rock said “The White Peoples Choice Awards” but sometimes…sometimes, they get it right. That matters.

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