Podcast Updates

Two big podcast updates for Tenderfoot TV’s Atlanta Monster and APM Reports In the Dark.

This Sunday, March 23, cable network Investigation Discovery is airing The Atlanta Child Murders which will address some of the oddities and inconsistencies around the conviction of Wayne Williams for all of the child murders that took place in Atlanta in the early 1980’s.

In season two of his podcast Monster, Payne Lindsey and his Tenderfoot TV detail some of the inconsistencies around the case against Williams. And there are more than a few. Coupled with the success Lindsey had with the first season of Up and Vanished, this is really powerful stuff.

In a nutshell, Williams was convicted of the two murders of grown men and then the FBI simply attributed all of the child murders to him as well in order to close the cases. Williams has maintained his innocence of all murders.

ADDITIONALLY, the NYTimes reports today that Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Police Chief Erika Shields announced Thursday that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Fulton County District Attorney will review evidence in the “Atlanta Child Murders” cases to see if any of it can be tested further.


On Wednesday, March 20, the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments in the case of Curtis Flowers. As a quick reminder, Flowers is the black man in Mississippi sentenced to death row SIX times by the same white prosecutor, Doug Evans. Flowers had his case detailed in Season Two of the podcast In the Dark .

While it’s true that Flowers life hangs in the balance and that the Supreme Court leans conservative. But as someone pointed out, the very fact that they CHOOSE to hear arguments for a capital case that has been shot down SIX times by the state, says something.

Doesn’t guarantee anything, but it’s interesting.

Here’s hoping that the final stop in American jurisprudence will actually provide justice for Curtis Flowers and the victims.

In an ocean of negative news, there is good work being done out there. It’s being done independently, but at least it’s being done.

It proves that podcasting is a powerful new medium.

Podcasts aren’t just nerds in their parents basements talking about conspiracy theories, making dumb jokes or talking about shit no one cares about; it’s those things too. But they’re often so much more.