Turd Polishing PhD With Comcast

Comcast, the countries largest cable provider, will testify today before the House of Representatives about its proposed 45.2 billion dollar merger with the countries second largest cable provider Time Warner Cable. A merger, or acquisition, that Comcast steadfastly contends is good for the consumer because it increases competition. You’ll forgive me if I am still a little murky on how combining the first and second … Continue reading Turd Polishing PhD With Comcast

What Makes Me Happy

There are a number of things that I find real pleasure in. Among the top are listening to The Replacements, randomly catching the movie Airplane on television, watching documentaries, reading a great book, watching Family Guy and ripping on media mogul charlatan Jeff Zucker. When any two of these collide, it’s pure joy…the type of joy a child derives from jangling keys. You may recall … Continue reading What Makes Me Happy

I am Jack’s inequality.

I recently had my annual review. It went well. Very well. Statistically, my review and internal rating puts me in the top 25% of employees within my department. By whatever arcane methodology the company uses, I am a valued employee. Bully for me, right? Wrong. A valued employee does not necessarily mean an equitably compensated one. Am I unfairly or unjustly compensated? Probably not. As … Continue reading I am Jack’s inequality.

Time Is A Flat Circle

“Everything we have done, or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again.” Rust Cohle True Detective Episode 5 That is basically the centuries old concept of the Eternal Return or, in more recent philosophical terms, “time is a flat circle”. Hell if I know what that really means, but I can grasp a cursory understanding of it. And if what Cohle … Continue reading Time Is A Flat Circle

Comcast doesn’t give a f*ck.

Before I get off and running, let me reiterate a few things. I am a Comcast employee. I am a Comcast shareholder. I do NOT think the company is doing anything illegal. But as I have said repeatedly, legality seldom sides with morality and ethics. There, that’s the disclaimer. Now…WTF Comcast?! This past weekend the people at Funny or Die posted a blistering satirical video … Continue reading Comcast doesn’t give a f*ck.

Bill Hicks passed away 20 years ago today.

Twenty years ago one of the worlds greatest comedians passed away. His name was William Melvin Hicks, Bill Hicks. I discovered him after reading John Lahr’s profile in The New Yorker, “The Goat Boy Rises”. It recounts the story of how Hicks was cut after taping his 12th appearance on The David Letterman show in October of 1993. He had 11 appearances on NBC, this … Continue reading Bill Hicks passed away 20 years ago today.

True Detective – TV’s Best Show

HBO has a long history of developing and producing some of the best scripted programming on television and True Detective will rank among them. These days it’s rare to see a show that can fire on all creative cylinders. FX’s Louie comes close, AMC’s The Walking Dead is on its third or fourth show runner and is losing steam and Breaking Bad closed shop. So … Continue reading True Detective – TV’s Best Show

Control the Media. Control the Message.

“Control the media. Control the message.” So wrote philosopher and media theorist Marshall McLuhan. Even though media has changed since McLuhan gave us that very Warholian statement; today “media” encompasses a great deal of both content and distribution while the “message” is still…well, it’s still the message. The ideas and thoughts contained within the media. Since the creation of the printing press, it’s been a … Continue reading Control the Media. Control the Message.

Sometimes it’s just overkill.

Comcast Technology & Innovation Center? A friend of mine the other day sent me a link. A link to an article bloviating about the new Comcast building they are planning to build in Philadelphia. I’m not kidding, no words, she just sent the link: http://goo.gl/AKQBZ5 This was my reply (marginally edited here for context and minor redacting): __________ Hmmm. I want to say that’s great … Continue reading Sometimes it’s just overkill.

Black Mirror

You should watch Black Mirror. You’re probably not watching Charlie Brooker’s brilliant show Black Mirror because it isn’t easy to find on American television. In fact, I am not sure where to find it except on bootleg sites. It’s not on BBC America, it’s not available on American iTunes, Netflix or Amazon. Frankly, it’s a bitch to find. Black Mirror is simply the smartest show … Continue reading Black Mirror

Chew and Screw

From wait(er) Magazine, Issue 005. Reprinted by permission.   Chew and Screw by Keith R. Higgons You might think that an article titled “Chew and Screw” might be somewhat dirty. I suppose metaphorically, it is. Realistically though, it’s just one of many abominations that food and beverage workers are subjected to. To attempt to list every abomination would be a herculean task but some of … Continue reading Chew and Screw

Funny Thing About Failure

Just as everyone lies, everyone fails. At something. Sometime. Could be a relationship, marriage, job interview, performance, free throw…almost anything. If you have ever tried anything, ever, odds are you failed. The  Internet is populated with meme’s about failure. But is it really failure? I would argue that failure, as such, doesn’t really exist. If you try and you don’t succeed, does that mean you … Continue reading Funny Thing About Failure

Leadership and Zombies 101

Business academics and film theorists have often cited The Godfather as the definitive film exemplifying the best business practices. And in some cases they are right. There is a strong caste system within the Corleone crime family, much like there is in corporate America, there is a defined hierarchical structure with direct reports and there is little tolerance for any new idea or perspective. In … Continue reading Leadership and Zombies 101

Pox, Pasta but No PTO

wait(er) Magazine Reprinted with permission October 2013 One summer during college, I had three jobs. I worked at a bookstore, overnight at a gas station and weekends expediting at an Italian restaurant (for those unfamiliar, this is typically the person who preps and organizes the food before the server delivers it). It was pretty hellish and I never knew if I was coming or going … Continue reading Pox, Pasta but No PTO

…and if so, who answers? We do.

In a little over two weeks Pearl Jam will release their tenth studio album, Lightning Bolt and the publicity juggernaut has begun. I suppose by sheer nature of timing, this would be part of that. The first release from Lightning Bolt was “Mind Your Manners” which I thought was a little forced and empty. After a couple more listens, I feared the band was going … Continue reading …and if so, who answers? We do.

2013 Greenpoint Film Festival Wrap Up

The WG News+Arts Reprinted with permission September  2013 After a successful opening night on Thursday, September 19, the third annual Greenpoint Film Festival wrapped on Sunday. Just as she has done in the previous two years, Festival Director Rosa Valado was able to tap into the creativity of our neighborhood as well as bring together a diverse group of films and filmmakers from around the … Continue reading 2013 Greenpoint Film Festival Wrap Up

Sons of Anarchy – Season Six, Episode 1

I’ll cop to the fact that I didn’t want to like this show. Like a lot of people I suspect, the thought of watching a motorcycle club misbehave on television seemed like watching the Rolling Stones concert movie Gimme Shelter, specifically to see the stabbing. The chief difference being, Sons Of Anarchy is fiction…and not actually a snuff film like Gimme Shelter. At the suggestion … Continue reading Sons of Anarchy – Season Six, Episode 1

Our Shadows Taller Than Our Souls

For the umpteenth time, I was watching Heart perform Led Zeppelin’s classic “Stairway to Heaven” from this years Kennedy Center Awards ceremony the other day. And again I was blown away, simply astounding. Apparently, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant thought it was pretty good too with all three at some point exchanging smiles and nods. At about 3:35 you even see Robert … Continue reading Our Shadows Taller Than Our Souls