Dark, a Netflix Series

The Question is Not Where, but When Imagine if the Duffer Brothers (Stranger Things), David Lynch (Twin Peaks)and Alfred Hitchcock (seriously?) got together to create a show…it’d be something like Dark, now streaming on Netflix.  Now I am only three episodes into this series so this may be a little premature…but I doubt it. Let’s get this over with, here are the things that will … Continue reading Dark, a Netflix Series

hel wanted

You Can Read it In the Want Ad’s

JOB OPENING: MORNING SHOW HOST/NBC/NYC: Co-host needed for very popular early morning program. Duties will include pandering to celebrities, politicians and successful business executives. Work with seasoned professionals and be willing to indulge their idiocy. Ideal candidate has universal and non-threatening appeal. Candidate should be someone with no pending litigation and not currently under investigation. Experience preferred. Full info/apply HERE JOB OPENING: MORNING SHOW HOST/CBS/NYC: Co-host needed for … Continue reading You Can Read it In the Want Ad’s

The Repeal of Net Neutrality

Welp, the Internet is officially over. As you have probably heard by now, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has announced his plan to repeal net neutrality with what is being called “The Restoring Internet Freedom Order”. HA! I understand that the concept of net neutrality is a little arcane, but here’s what you need to know; it really is the last bastion of democracy in this … Continue reading The Repeal of Net Neutrality

Shoot Shoot Bang Bang!

Well, here we are again.  In the past 45 days we’ve had the Las Vegas Massacre, the worst American terrorist attack since 9/11 and the recent horrific mass shooting in Texas. That’s an awful lot of sadness.  And yet…and yet, the only thing President Trump (said together, these are two words that still make me puke a little in my mouth) has done is order Homeland … Continue reading Shoot Shoot Bang Bang!

White Nationalism and White Supremacy

What’s the difference between white nationalism and white supremacy? Aside from wardrobe.  Granted white nationalism is a much more marketable and relatable term because hell, by the words alone, I am a white nationalist. Now, I may not believe the United States is the best country on the planet but it is the place I am proud to call home; and I’m an active participant … Continue reading White Nationalism and White Supremacy

Is Donald Trump Our Most Honest Candidate Ever?

First of all, it should be noted that the recent revelations about Donald Trump are reprehensible…and I’m still not convinced that is a strong enough word. He behavior is, and has been throughout this 200 month election cycle, indefensible. His various tirades during the course of his candidacy are a stain on the little that remains of our democracy (which is probably better defined as … Continue reading Is Donald Trump Our Most Honest Candidate Ever?


Once in a while a show comes along that is poised to change television for the better. Fleabag is that type of show. And I was so thrilled with it, I just wanted to throw this out into the ether so people can get hip to it. All six episodes of the first series are currently streaming on Amazon Prime. This is without question one … Continue reading Fleabag

The TV Problem

The television industry is predicated on deceit; whether it be scripted, unscripted (aka reality) or news, it’s always been that way. But before we jump into the fray, let’s address the elephant in the room. There is no such thing as reality television: there are scripted shows and non-scripted shows. Make no mistake, the non-scripted shows are not reality, so I beg you, can we stop referring … Continue reading The TV Problem

The Irony

I can’t believe I am the only one who recognizes the irony in the first gold medal being awarded to an American comes in a firearm competition. Can you imagine how pissed the NRA would have been had we not gotten a medal at all? (shuddering) Oddly also coinciding with the release of the would be assassin of Republican deity Ronald Reagan, John Hinckley (where … Continue reading The Irony

Media – Hall of Mirrors

So they wrapped up the first night of the democratic convention last night and if you to believe the media you’d think it was the most contentious event since deflategate or the BET awards. I think it’s important to put a little perspective on it. Now when the media is claiming the republican convention wasn’t as contentious I have to call bullshit. Having that many white … Continue reading Media – Hall of Mirrors

…Divided We Fall

During my lifetime, I’ve witnessed America develop into a nation with a political and cultural fissure so large it seems nothing short of a revolution can correct it. To wit: There are Coke people. There are Pepsi people. We have Yankee fans. We have Red Sox fans. Almond Joy has nuts. Mounds don’t. We have Marriott people. We have Hilton people. There are Costco people. There … Continue reading …Divided We Fall

The Fog of the Culture War

If you think about fog thematically, there are two kinds to consider. There is the thematic fog akin to taking a hit of some really potent weed which makes you feel somewhat “murky” but still pleasant and clear-headed enough to remain very functional and social. Then there is the other kind where you wake up in bed, next to someone you don’t recognize with your … Continue reading The Fog of the Culture War

Trump is like a sore tooth.

OUCH! FUCK! Like a sore tooth you can’t help but touch, I, like most media watchers, just can’t seem to stay away from talking about this Donald J. Trump mess (anyone else notice that the J. just sort of appeared, I don’t deny it’s legitimacy, but still…and btw Trump looks an awful lot like cartoon character Phineas J. Whoppee). If you haven’t seen it already, … Continue reading Trump is like a sore tooth.

(sigh) More Jackassery

Well, last night saw another gathering of the loony tunes characters that has come to be known as a Republican “debate”. In actuality, it’s really just a forum of meglomaniacs who blather on about their xenophobia, misguided economic views and outright fascism under the guise of political discourse (notice I left out the part about their absolutely horrible debating skills…it’s really more like shit slinging). … Continue reading (sigh) More Jackassery

Open Letter to Rolling Stone Magazine

Dear Jann S. Wenner, et al, What. The. Fuck. I was an avid Rolling Stone reader for close to 20 years. I even collected the magazines. You try lugging around 15 years of wrapped magazines…this was a source of much consternation with an ex (who eventually took the liberty of throwing them out in my absence). So, I’m not a casual reader who just feels … Continue reading Open Letter to Rolling Stone Magazine

Donald Trump is the Political Equivalent of a Monkey Flinging Poo

Or put another way, Donald Trump is to politics what Kanye West is to music (shitty). They’re both only good because they keep telling us they’re good. I assure you, NEITHER are good, let alone great. To think that anything Trump says is either substantial or has political merit is to be completely ignorant to politics as either a profession or something of profound importance … Continue reading Donald Trump is the Political Equivalent of a Monkey Flinging Poo

Are Republicans Flagrantly Sexist?

Greetings from the city of lost angels…and souls. So I watched the last hour of the Republican debate the other night. Trying to find it on the hotel television was as complicated as trying to understand the success of the Kardashian family. I eventually ended up streaming it on the Fox News website. Incidently, big ups to Fox News for making it easy to stream … Continue reading Are Republicans Flagrantly Sexist?

Williamsburg, Brooklyn Has Jumped the Shark

For the past seven years, I’ve lived in Brooklyn. New York. Before moving to Williamsburg, the worldwide epicenter of hip, I lived in Billyburg’s kissing cousin, Greenpoint. Both have been subjected to an aggressive gentrification agenda. One of the most aggressive in recent years. With gentrification comes hipsters. A lot of hipsters. Revelation 9:3-10 “Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they … Continue reading Williamsburg, Brooklyn Has Jumped the Shark

Oh! Say, can you see?

Donald Trump is leading the Republican polls (ahead of a GOP dynasty). Hillary is being pilloried about e-mails (seriously, how does anyone NOT know the only way to erase a hard drive is to burn it?) and Bernie Sanders, a Socialist from Vermont is gaining ground (I got nothing); you’d think this presidential election cycle couldn’t get more bizarre. You’d be wrong. Enter Deez Nuts. The … Continue reading Oh! Say, can you see?

Rectify – The best show you aren’t watching.

“I think we should banish expectations and re-instate wonder.“* Consider it re-instated. Season three of the Sundance Channel’s show “Rectify”  wrapped up last night with a few tears from the actors (and this viewer) and an uncharacteristic hint of optimism. For the past month I’ve tried to muscle up words to describe how good the show is and I simply can’t. It’s just sublime. The … Continue reading Rectify – The best show you aren’t watching.