Opinion Writing for The Latest

So, by now you have realized my writing here has become a little sporadic. I think the reason is simply sensory overload. There is just too much going on in the world (none of it particularly good) that trying to zero in on one thing to write about seems futile. Every time I do write it immediately seems outdated because some other lunacy has taken place.

Crazy times indeed.

In an effort to combat this, and write more, I’ve stopped looking at Facebook (Jesus, what a black hole that site is) and I’ve really stopped seeking out news stories. And Twitter is just a cluster fuck of … well, I don’t really know what. I think Twitter is a circle of Dante’s Inferno.

All I know is Twitter gives me agita, but I’ll still blast things out on there.

I’m not news immune and have not set up a news blockade, stories pop up here and there and I still read the NYTimes online, but I’m discriminating in what I read and my social media interaction is extremely limited (not that it was ever that much to begin with).

To get back into somewhat of a routine of writing, I’m now writing for the digital news start-up, The Latest, the World’s New Homepage. I’ll be offering up my opinions (never one to pass that by) writing about the usual fare, television, music, media, etc. and writing one piece a week, give or take. No politics. Kind of like some of the things I write here, just shorter, perhaps more coherent and without curse words (a small sacrifice). The pieces are 500 words or less, so that’ll be good practice on learning how NOT to blather on and on…and on.

500 words also makes for a quick read, hint, hint.

What is The Latest? Welp, it’s a digital news hub started by LA Times alum, Jeff Hall (also a Stanford grad and Harvard MBA, not too shabby). The Latest takes all recent news stories and links to ALL points of view (right, left and center) relative to the story. You can get all perspectives in one stop and they cover pretty much everything. Seriously.

It’s a pretty cool start-up and I’m stoked to be writing for them.

So, you should check out The Latest and you should read my review of Netflix’s new show Tabula Rasa.

Oh, and be sure to check out my bio picture, you’ll see that I have apparently entered into my fat Elvis period.