Media – Hall of Mirrors

So they wrapped up the first night of the democratic convention last night and if you to believe the media you’d think it was the most contentious event since deflategate or the BET awards.

I think it’s important to put a little perspective on it.

Now when the media is claiming the republican convention wasn’t as contentious I have to call bullshit. Having that many white people in one room is like holding a lemming convention, so I wouldn’t expect too much division. But, let’s be very clear, the republicans had a sitting senator give a very visceral rebuke of its candidate. That’s a lot like a Ku Klux Klan member removing his hood to reveal he’s black.

That divisive by the very definition.

It’s unlikely the democrats will encounter anything like that.

The media’s focus is on the disruptions and, to be fair, Democracy is messy. It’s designed to be that way. The minority deserve to be heard even if it is counter to the majority.

By honing in on the disruption the media is painting a picture that democrats are seriously fractured. I’ve seen no concrete evidence of this. Angry and frustrated, certainly. 

I’m sure there will be a concerted effort by both the media and the opposing parties to try to pin the recently discovered DNC Sanders subversion emails on Clinton. Might she have influenced? Sure. Given her historical email woes, I doubt she’s dumb enough to be involved here unless she’s a world-class moron. She’s not.

As a democrat I’m frustrated by my party but I choose to see more unity than disunity. But let us say that a vote for Hilary is a vote for the platform and the ideals that the party stands for. Not her.

I think that is a significance worth reiterating. A vote for Clinton is a vote for the party, not her. Her advisors would do well to pick up and work that message.

What little remains of our democracy is going to be messy so don’t rely on the sound bite media that prevails here in the United States to provide you with cogent truths about what is actually happening.

Unless we’re very careful we will get the president we deserve.

Do we really deserve Donald J. Trump? Do we deserve a racist, inexperienced, misogynistic, xenophobic silver spooned nit wit?

Once more, a vote for Clinton is a vote for the platform. 

A vote for Trump is a vote for the very worst of America.

Become informed by not believing the hype of the media about either party. Have an opinion…just make sure it’s informed wisely and that it’s yours.

Viva La Revolucion!