Is Donald Trump Our Most Honest Candidate Ever?

First of all, it should be noted that the recent revelations about Donald Trump are reprehensible…and I’m still not convinced that is a strong enough word. He behavior is, and has been throughout this 200 month election cycle, indefensible. His various tirades during the course of his candidacy are a stain on the little that remains of our democracy (which is probably better defined as an oligarchy under the ruse of a republic).

Secondly, anyone who has a mother, or a wife, or a daughter, or a girlfriend, or a niece or who has ever had the general acquaintance of a woman should be deeply offended and find his comments indefensible. I honestly would question the sanity of anyone who excused the remarks.

Thirdly, are we really all that surprised?

It’s no real secret that politics is, for the most part, still a playground of wealth, privilege, duplicity and testosterone:

  • Mitt Romney had his “47 percent” moment.
  • John McCain referred to his wife as a cunt.
  • George W. Bush was the best of a frat boy (that isn’t really a compliment).
  • Bill Clinton had some real challenges keeping his pants on during his political career.
  • California Representative Gary Condit had an affair with a 23-year-old.
  • Noted segregationist, and all around horrible human, Strom Thurmond fathered a child with a 15-year-old African-American who worked for the Thurmond family.
  • Anthony Wiener’s dick pics (I know of no other politician who has a more appropriate surname, except maybe Senator David Bag O’Dicks).
  • John Edwards.
  • Anti-gay rights politician David Dreier was outted on his relationship with his chief of staff.
  • John F. Kennedy; really, there is a whole list of them going back to the beginning of our country. 

And it seems each time one politician is found out as being a complete douchebag, we act shocked and then appalled.

When it comes to Donald Trump, we should be neither. He is a noted, and as the swelling evidence shows, a belligerently proud misogynist.

Finding audio and video of Donald Trump acting like a knuckle dragging Neanderthal should be about as shocking as discovering milk has an expiration date.

And yet, the scope and magnitude of this jackasses depravity is shocking, but what can we expect of a child? And Trump is a privileged little child who is an adult in age only.

Which is not to say all people of privilege are childish cretins, I don’t personally believe that…BUT, you do hear an awful lot about their misbehavior and lack of punishment (I’m looking at you Brock Turner). The criminal behavior, and punishment, of the wealthy is drastically different from that of the non-wealthy.

But I digress.

Trump has always said he wasn’t going to be an average candidate. And he has proven time and time again, he’s not. He purchased the party’s nomination (make no mistake, the money he spent will be, or already has been, reimbursed by the party), he has used the media so well that it proves they are really just slobbering sycophants who will do anything to get ratings (I’m looking at you Matt Lauer and Jimmy Fallon), and he has shown us that despite all cultural advancements, the political landscape remains just a landfill of white privilege and abominable behavior. 

I find Donald Trump to be the most damaging man to enter the political arena in my lifetime, and probably ever. But he has never been anything other than himself (THIS IS NOT A COMPLIMENT, THE MAN IS A MONSTER).

The fact that he may just be the most honest political candidate in history does NOT speak well about our current political state. I’ll take the deceit over Trump’s brand of honesty.

I don’t think the flagrant objectification and degradation of women is really on the road to “making America great again”.

PS. Billy Bush doesn’t get a pass. NBC, he needs to go. His role in this is disgusting and is further evidence of a privilege power play.