The word that should be used, regardless of personal politics, when describing Senator John McCain:


noun: hero; plural noun: heroes
  • a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

    Arbitrary uses in sentences:

    1) Fighting in an unpopular war, surviving being a prisoner of war, serving your country politically, defending a political rival against ridiculous and unsubstantiated slurs, fighting an incurable illness, requesting a sitting president NOT attend your funeral, et al., define a hero.

    2) Avoiding an unpopular war by claiming to have bone spurs, licensing and slapping your name on vomitous buildings, displacing senior tenants and tenants of color, having multiple personal and business bankruptcies, a career that is built upon deceit and failure, co-opting middle and working class values historically abhorred, a violent allergy to anything resembling truth, et al., do NOT define a hero.