Donald Trump is the Political Equivalent of a Monkey Flinging Poo

Or put another way, Donald Trump is to politics what Kanye West is to music (shitty). They’re both only good because they keep telling us they’re good. I assure you, NEITHER are good, let alone great.

To think that anything Trump says is either substantial or has political merit is to be completely ignorant to politics as either a profession or something of profound importance (FYI, it’s both).

I’ve written a fair amount about how I don’t think Trump will win the Republican nomination. And while I still believe that (and pray for it), despite my prattling he seems to show no sign of slowing down. In fact, it’s just the opposite. I’m not entirely sure what that says about him but I am pretty sure what it says about us. And it says even less about the people who follow him.

Christ, who on earth actually thinks this guy knows one iota of what he is talking about. Worse, make no mistake, he sure as fluck doesn’t believe it.

While Ben Carson would probably rather debate about the existence of the lost city of Atlantis and Ted Cruz would rather talk about…well, whatever the fuck he cares about (which from what I can tell is whatever will get him votes) and John Kasich? The most politically tested of the Republican candidates would rather blather on about what he did in Ohio (I lived in Ohio for years, it’s hardly a benchmark for political progression or intellectual thought…it’s actually the exact opposite).

That said, the other night I watched Marco Rubio grow a set of gonads and charge against Trump. Look, Marco Rubio is no prize either (in fact he’s a lot like Damien from The Omen movies…really) BUT at least he stood up to the giant wind bag…finally. Now, while I loved every minute of it, I fear it may be too little too late.

There are some real discrepancies with what Trump is saying. OK, maybe not discrepancies but certainly some solid 1/4 truths and wildly half-baked ideas.

Let’s just talk about the “erasing lines” bit about health insurance. The VERY reason all of this health hullabaloo is done at a state level is because the Republican deity that is Ronald Reagan pushed a large part of the national responsibilities down to a state level (it’s one of the very reasons nitwits think he is such a great president…Reagan DID NOT trim the government, he just transferred a chunk of it to a state level). Yes, the Affordable Care Act IS a national mandate, but it is essentially handled at a state level.

And please, PLEASE, know that the Affordable Care Act is Obama care. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! One is a legal term and one is slang. Jesus.

Now, with that said, does ANYONE really think that somehow either Republicans OR Democrats or going to allow for that type of decision-making to go back to being made at a national level (ie, erasing lines)? If you do, well, you’re wrong. And if you think the ACA is going away, you would also be wrong.

OK. How is Trump flinging poo at us? Well, aside from his outlandish and ridiculous posturing and idiotic statements, his presence and reliance on Twitter to further his agenda. Twitter is 140 characters: not words, characters. And Trump is a pretty diabolical Tweeter. While he does use it to espouse his beliefs, he mostly uses it to denigrate his opponents and ANYONE who speaks ill of him.

Donald Trump is the very definition of a “cyber bully”. Is that really who we want running our country?

I’m sure if he read this he would say I am a “loser” and “inconsequential” and “a nobody”. Well, he’d be wrong. I am an American who believes in the power of a Democracy (even if we live in a corporatocracy). As such, it is my birthright and my responsibility to challenge and speak against those things that I feel are damaging to not only me but others.

Dear Mr. Trump, that is what a Democracy is! Taking to 140 characters and cyber-bullying those that oppose you makes you the political equivalent of, well, an insolent and childish asshole. Which I have no doubt you have been called before. If something doesn’t go your way you take your toys and leave (or declare bankruptcy) and you can’t do that in politics.

Against my better judgement and belief’s, I am going to paraphrase Marco Rubio who called him out for not having his products made in the United States. Why WON’T Trump have those garish suits and ties (and everything else he slaps his name on) made in the United States if he “wants to make America great again”?

The truth is, if I wanted to license his name, I could pay the fee and slap his name on tampons (Trump Tampons has a nice ring to it…Trump Dildo’s, “Why not let the Trump Dildo do to you what the Donald does to his business partners”).

Donald Trump is a joke of a politician. I know enough to know that politics is a delicate dance of words and actions. It’s not acting as some type of Caesar and running around the world and strong arming people and nations to do what we want.

OK, wait. That is t is exactly what politics is BUT you have to be able to do that with a tremendous amount of finesse. And in no world has Donald Trump ever been called delicate and he has certainly never used finesse (see previous comment about Trump Dildo).

Is Trump a BAD guy? No. I don’t believe that. He has raised some good kids who seem well-balanced and decent and you can’t do that if you are a true asshole.
Is he smart? Yep.
Is he in complete control of the shit he is flinging? Yep. The bigger question is WHY is he doing this? What is he diverting attention away from?
Does it scare the hell out of me that the people who believe his lunacy may actually vote? Hell yes (but here again, and thankfully(?) the popular vote doesn’t elect the president).

The truth is I STILL don’t believe his end game is winning the White House. I know there are a slew of people who think the same. My guess is that for as much as I find wrong about him, Trump is aware of what he is up to and I just can’t figure out what that is…but I am fairly sure it ain’t being POTUS. I fear there is something far more sinister going on.

Here is what I do know. My politics lean left of Bernie Sanders and I believe that what remains of our Democracy is in serious jeopardy, regardless of who wins. The Koch idiots are a subversive threat (and profoundly scary in the same way the Khmer Rouge or the Viet Cong were scary) but Trump? His political “beliefs” are as insulting as a waiter farting in your face…and probably just as lasting.

We’re supposed to be a “super power” and yet our seeming political front-runner is a brash loud mouth media whore whose ONLY interest is bettering himself and securing a legacy in order to license more of his shitty products and build his visually abhorrent real estate projects. If you think he has America’s best interests at heart…well, then, apparently you think a monkey flinging poo is funny.

I do not find humor is shit and certainly not when it’s being thrown at me.