Dear Senator Elizabeth Warren,


Dear Senator Warren,

I think the winds are beginning to shift . . . or maybe it’s just that I finally opened my eyes.

You see, I feel you can win this.

In the spirit of transparency, I didn’t always feel this way. My own arrogance and male ego made me think you may be too polarizing.

You’re a strong woman in a leadership role, of course you’re going to be polarizing! Once I got over that arrogance & dumb male ego, your gender was insignificant and polarization is nonsense (and don’t get me started on that “electability” bullshit).

It’s who you are, what you stand for and what your vision is for the country that matter.

Over the past few months you’ve continued to impress me with the fact that you have a plan for, well, for just about everything everything. Sure, your plans may soon become internet memes or jokes for late night comedians, if they haven’t already, but having a vision is great.

– This country, now more than ever, needs a coherent, actionable and ALL INCLUSIVE vision.

– This country, now more than ever, needs YOUR kind of leadership.

Now look, I’m not naive enough to think that each of your plans, should you get elected, will come to fruition. I also wouldn’t expect to agree with each plan. Unlike the leadership today, I’d like to think you would encourage healthy discourse and discourage sycophants.

But, your plans would serve as starting points to begin a dialog about moving the country in a direction that benefits everyone. Let’s be honest, it’s high time we get away from this dyslexic Robin Hood economic system where we tax the poor and give to the rich.

While I do believe in your plans and your vision for the country, if I can be candid, the one trait of yours that impresses me the most is that you simply don’t put up with any B.S. There is so much of it these days, I’m afraid to walk the dog without wearing my Wellies. Your ability to cut through all of that is both jaw dropping and inspiring.

It’s silly to spend any energy slagging the other 37 Democratic candidates running (it’s about 37 now, right). They’re all fine people. If we agree on nothing, I’m certain that we would all agree that we have one common goal.

Lastly Senator Warren, I wanted to draw your attention to a video that was posted by American ex-pat comedian Rob Delaney. He currently lives in the UK and posted this video on twitter. You should really watch it and consider re-purposing it for your campaign. I’ll quote some of it now:

All this anti-immigration, anti-foreigner shite is doing is dividing the working class. When we should be uniting against the bastards who lord it over us time and time again like they have done for centuries. Keep us fighting amongst ourselves for crumbs whilst they stuff their faces. Maybe, just maybe, we should vote for real genuine change.

Senator Warren, I believe you are that genuine change.

In any event, I wish you much luck. I stand behind you and am looking forward to working with your campaign to help get you elected. Not only because I am afraid, nay petrified, of four more years of the current administration, but also because I believe you have the right vision of where America should be going.

Thank you for what you’re doing.

Keith R. Higgons