Dawes – My Way Back Home

On my way home from work yesterday something compelled me to revisit the Dawes album Nothing Is Wrong from 2011.  After hundreds of listens over the past two years, the third track “My Way Back Home” shook me to the core:

In my constant quest for truth
I am condemned to facts alone
And though my dreams all lead me nowhere
I won’t forget my way back home

Don’t we all want the truth? Aren’t we all equally afraid of it? Don’t we all dream? And how do we know when to pack it in?

I admit that these answers that I seek
Are all to questions I’ve never known
But I pray to keep on looking for as long as I can roam
And when the world finally fulfills me
I will not forget my way back home

One way or another, we all find our truth and realize whatever our fear, it was wasted energy. Do the work, put for the energy, keep at it…you’ll get there.

I’m not exactly sure why that song struck me so hard yesterday. But I’m not going to question it.
I’m just going to enjoy it.

Like a more mellow, SoCal version of Kings of Leon, band of brothers Dawes reignites the best of that southern California, Laurel Canyon sound of the 1970’s.

If Nothing Is Wrong had been released 30-35 years ago, it would have been a monster.