It Matters

I wrote about Controlling the Media and Controlling the Message last week, so I am not going to go down that road again.

I’m also not going to blather on about how I DO NOT find Comcast at fault. I firmly believe what they are doing is legal. I would also like to reiterate that legal doesn’t always mean ethical and moral.

Unless you have been living in a cave over the past ten days, you would have had to make an active choice to IGNORE both Comcast’s pending 45 billion dollar acquisition of Time Warner Cable to become the nations #1 cable provider AND the deal over the weekend between NETFLIX and Comcast to insure that Comcast doesn’t throttle NETFLIX subscribers.

I’ll also spare you any thoughts on how screwed we all are from the recent Net Neutrality ruling or how shitty it is that the FCC will not be challenging or appealing that ruling. Instead, the FCC has decided to work with Internet players, like Comcast, to create new rules regarding the Internet…cuz ya know, that ALWAYS works out to benefit the consumer.

Here’s what I will do.

I will share with you what I came across during a quick 10 minute cursory search on the phrase “Comcast Time Warner Merger” yielded.

You can read all, some or none of them.  BUT you should pay attention because WHEN (not if) this happens, it’s going to drastically change the Internet over the next five years.

If you think that Comcast acquiring Time Warner Cable is a good thing, you’re not paying attention.

You decide.

In no order:

Comcast Press Release

Paul Krugman – New York Times

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Mother Jones – What the Merger Is All About

Huffington Post – Facing Monopsony Claims
monopsony = a market form in which only one buyer interfaces with many sellers.

Poynter – Reasons to Sweat

The LA Times – Say Goodbye To Public Interest

NY Times OpEd from Chad E. Gutstein

Forbes – Does Netflix/Comcast Deal Remove Obstacle for TWC Merger

Endgadget – Merger Makes A Date

Deadline – Would Merger Benefit the Public?

Reuters – Comcast Takeover of TWC to Reshape U.S. Pay TV

Email your representative and say NO to this.

Contact your elected official to say NO to this.

Or do nothing. That’s always an option.