And so it begins. Another change.

I’ve decided to forgo the whole “I’m gonna be a dancer” deal (Liberia just doesn’t seem safe) and stay in the white-collar world.

I had received so many “Good lucks” when I mentioned my new endeavour that I’m grateful so many people gave a shit. Of course, I would nod and say “Thank you” and mention some sort of sentiment that I should be feeling like “Oh yea, I am excited”.

The relief accompanying the exit of my last job seems to have overshadowed any feeling of excitement for the new one.

Sure there are moments over the past two weeks where I have had brief Sally Field pangs. You know, the one where she exclaimed “You like me. You really like me!” when she won her second Academy Award.

The best way to sum up my feeling about this new chapter is that I’m open to the change. Wide open. And isn’t that what change, and ultimately life, is all about? Being open?

If you live long enough you realize that whatever changes you make in your life won’t be a salvo for mistakes you’ve made in the past. Those mistakes you have to accept, forgive and move on. Can’t change ’em, won’t forget ’em so you might as well swallow them and move on before they cripple you.

If you live long enough you realize that whatever changes you make in your life also won’t replicate the best of what’s come before. Those moments you have to cherish and remember, but they’re gone too. Shouldn’t forget ’em, can’t re-live ’em so you might as well file them away and move on before they cripple you.

Change is inevitable. Complacency is a choice.

Change is scary. It heightens your insecurities, all of them. BUT, change forces you to look at those insecurities, etc. and…well, change them. At the very least you can address them.

Change is the kissing cousin of evolve. If you are living life, chances are, in one way or another, you’re evolving. They tend to work hand in hand.

Without mixing up your life every once and while, can you say you’re actually living? Of course, you are breathing, thinking, eating, etc. but are you living?

Having said that, change is different for everyone. There is no shame in acknowledging that the degree of change you’re comfortable with simply means wearing different color socks one day (given the math there, I suppose that would cover two days). The acceptance and tolerance of change is most certainly on an ever vacillating continuum that is individual to each of us.

From infancy to the present, I have had so many changes and upheavals in my life that I don’t necessarily fear them. That doesn’t mean I like them. It also doesn’t mean I look for them around every corner. It most certainly doesn’t mean I blow up my life just to make a change.

For me, it simply means when it’s time for a change, or when change occurs, I’m open to it. It means I make the best decision based on the information I have, my own truths and experiences and those of my confidants. What more could I possibly do? Hopefully, it all works out.

If not, well, then there will be another change. Another opportunity.

But if you look hard enough and are open to it, opportunity and change is all around you.

Start by wearing mis-matched socks and go from there.