My Play: The Salt Pit

In October of last year, my short play The Salt Pit was selected to be part of the Emerging Artist Theater’s New Writer Series. Once again, my good friend Elizabeth Burkhard Directed the play and Produced it with me. Elizabeth Bell was the Stage Manager, Sherry Martinez was the Costume Designer and Jake Haven Parisseas was the Violence Coordinator. We also cast an amazing group … Continue reading My Play: The Salt Pit


Last Tuesday my one-act play, Results, was included as part of the ongoing reading series Under Rehearsed, sponsored by the Rising Sun Performance Company in Brooklyn, New York. Cast: Andrea Cordaro – Mrs. Ferguson Trey K. Blackburn – Mr. Ferguson Larry Gutman – Dr. Gladstone Directed by Kathleen Schlemmer Casting & RSP Intern – Michael Witkes As the kids are wont to say, it went swimmingly … Continue reading “Results”

New Yorker Cartoons Debunked April 8, 2013

” Even the interpretation and use of words involves a process of free creation.” – Noam Chomsky I have lived in New York City for years now and I am still not sure whether reading The New Yorker makes me a snob, an egg head douche, an old fart, someone keenly interested in good, albeit somewhat snotty, writing by east coast blue bloods ivy league … Continue reading New Yorker Cartoons Debunked April 8, 2013

And this too shall pass.

Alice H. Kanner 1931-2013 “I left in love, in laughter, and in truth. Wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit.” – Bill Hicks Much like every teenager, I was a rebellious and moody kid. Which provided a fair amount of tension in our household, especially in the conservative enclave of Centerville, Ohio. Suffice it to say, the ear piercings, underage drinking, … Continue reading And this too shall pass.