Jeff Zucker doesn’t need you.

Yea, that’s right, that Zucker doesn’t need anything from us to convince himself and the corporate war lords, past and present, that he is the go to television executive. I just finished reading this profile by Gabriel Sherman on the Zuckster, the guy with the brown fingered touch, from the 10.5 New York Magazine. It’s a pretty well balanced portrayal of the man, the myth and … Continue reading Jeff Zucker doesn’t need you.

The Stephen Collins Thing

So much for that whole “innocent until proven guilty”, huh? So much for the sanctity of marriage and therapy, huh? Look, whatever Stephen Collins did (and it’s allegedly horrible behavior) his career is over. There is no erasing the stink of child molestation, regardless of guilt or innocence. However inappropriate his alleged behavior may have been, what does it say about a wife who takes … Continue reading The Stephen Collins Thing

Two important issues you’re probably ignoring.

Wherever you sit politically, I think it is a safe bet that you are not paying attention to the Internet “net neutrality” issue or the looming media merger and acquisition blitzkrieg (Comcast buying Time Warner Cable and Fox buying Time Warner Entertainment…with smaller mergers to follow). Not that I would blame you because net neutrality is as boring as watching paint dry and you probably … Continue reading Two important issues you’re probably ignoring.

broadcast televison

Broadcast Television and the Future of Storytelling – revisted

I originally wrote this in February of 2013 and thought I would revisit it as we move into the annual broadcast television bukkake festival, also known as the network upfront season. The big four networks, CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox have been spiraling downwards, not only in ratings but also in content, for about ten years now. This is not to say they haven’t produced … Continue reading Broadcast Television and the Future of Storytelling – revisted


As recently as February FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said that “Preserving the Internet as an open platform for innovation and expression while providing certainty and predictability in the marketplace is an important responsibility of this agency.” Late yesterday, Mr. Wheeler had a dramatic change of heart and went all Game of Thrones Red Wedding on us. Apparently, keeping the Internet open for “innovation and expression” … Continue reading FU FCC

Turd Polishing PhD With Comcast

Comcast, the countries largest cable provider, will testify today before the House of Representatives about its proposed 45.2 billion dollar merger with the countries second largest cable provider Time Warner Cable. A merger, or acquisition, that Comcast steadfastly contends is good for the consumer because it increases competition. You’ll forgive me if I am still a little murky on how combining the first and second … Continue reading Turd Polishing PhD With Comcast

What Makes Me Happy

There are a number of things that I find real pleasure in. Among the top are listening to The Replacements, randomly catching the movie Airplane on television, watching documentaries, reading a great book, watching Family Guy and ripping on media mogul charlatan Jeff Zucker. When any two of these collide, it’s pure joy…the type of joy a child derives from jangling keys. You may recall … Continue reading What Makes Me Happy

Comcast doesn’t give a f*ck.

Before I get off and running, let me reiterate a few things. I am a Comcast employee. I am a Comcast shareholder. I do NOT think the company is doing anything illegal. But as I have said repeatedly, legality seldom sides with morality and ethics. There, that’s the disclaimer. Now…WTF Comcast?! This past weekend the people at Funny or Die posted a blistering satirical video … Continue reading Comcast doesn’t give a f*ck.

Control the Media. Control the Message.

“Control the media. Control the message.” So wrote philosopher and media theorist Marshall McLuhan. Even though media has changed since McLuhan gave us that very Warholian statement; today “media” encompasses a great deal of both content and distribution while the “message” is still…well, it’s still the message. The ideas and thoughts contained within the media. Since the creation of the printing press, it’s been a … Continue reading Control the Media. Control the Message.

Sometimes it’s just overkill.

Comcast Technology & Innovation Center? A friend of mine the other day sent me a link. A link to an article bloviating about the new Comcast building they are planning to build in Philadelphia. I’m not kidding, no words, she just sent the link: This was my reply (marginally edited here for context and minor redacting): __________ Hmmm. I want to say that’s great … Continue reading Sometimes it’s just overkill.

Black Mirror

You should watch Black Mirror. You’re probably not watching Charlie Brooker’s brilliant show Black Mirror because it isn’t easy to find on American television. In fact, I am not sure where to find it except on bootleg sites. It’s not on BBC America, it’s not available on American iTunes, Netflix or Amazon. Frankly, it’s a bitch to find. Black Mirror is simply the smartest show … Continue reading Black Mirror