Microdosing LSD – UPDATE

Yes, I realize I just sent a rather long post but I found an article worth sharing in the event you’re left scratching your head thinking “What’s he off about? LSD? Is he an idiot?” Well, no. I’m not. Here is a brief article from none other than the Scientific American that speaks to growing studies around microdosing and its effects. Its conclusion? “Through straightforward … Continue reading Microdosing LSD – UPDATE

A Good Therapist

If you google “how to find a good therapist” you’ll get 170 million + results. That’s a lot. Results ranging from well, from everyone, everywhere and virtually every publication. I’m not exactly sure what that says about us. But as someone who has done some serious study in this field of “therapy” (that’d be on the couch side, not the educatin’ side) I wanted to … Continue reading A Good Therapist

An Open Letter to Mike Boudet from Sword and Scale

Hey Mike, Please forgive the informality, I realize we’ve never met. Well, I just heard that Wondery has parted ways with you and Sword and Scale, etc. Bummer. Sorry to hear that. In the spirit of full disclosure, I was a long time listener but stopped listening with any regularity about eight months (or so) ago. I had noticed a real change in your tenor … Continue reading An Open Letter to Mike Boudet from Sword and Scale

Retro Review: BoDeans – Outside Looking In (1987)

I recently wrote about the awesome podcast The Session with Christian James Hand and I started to re-consider some older albums. I was curious to see if the albums, and the bands, have withstood the test of time. With the 1986 T-Bone Burnett produced Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams and being voted Best New American Band by the readers of Rolling Stone, Wisconsin’s … Continue reading Retro Review: BoDeans – Outside Looking In (1987)

Podcast Review: The Session with Christian James Hand

If you’re a music nerd, of which I gleefully admit I am, a song isn’t just a song, it’s your sustenance. You want, need, to know everything about the song or the band. Names like George Martin, Robert John “Mutt” Lange, and Tom Dowd mean something to you. Before he was known as a headphone entrepreneur and billionaire, Jimmy Iovine was a producer. I would … Continue reading Podcast Review: The Session with Christian James Hand

Review: The Two Fyre Festival Documentaries on Hulu and Netflix

If you’re above a certain age and/or oblivious of pop culture, you probably have no idea about the fiasco that was the Fyre Festival. It was conceived as a high-end/exclusive concert on a remote Caribbean island. For a price, a very steep price, the hoi polloi could hang out & party with the rich & famous (or at least social media famous). Well, that was … Continue reading Review: The Two Fyre Festival Documentaries on Hulu and Netflix

Review: True Detective Season Three

The first season of True Detective is the television equivalent of Guns-n-Roses first album “Appetite for Destruction“. As Guns-n-Roses knows all too well, no matter how good anything is that follows, it will never be that good. Nic Pizzolatto’s intelligent and dark detective series finally returned for a third season on HBO this past Sunday. Season three is top lined by Academy and Golden Globe … Continue reading Review: True Detective Season Three

Being an introvert is not an illness

I’m not exactly sure why, but some people still consider someone who is an introvert as having some sort of ailment. I know this because I’m an introvert and just had that conversation two weeks ago . . . for the umpteenth time. Having just met this person, who is a friend of a friend, we found ourselves sharing a cab on our way to … Continue reading Being an introvert is not an illness

My Play: The Salt Pit

In October of last year, my short play The Salt Pit was selected to be part of the Emerging Artist Theater’s New Writer Series. Once again, my good friend Elizabeth Burkhard Directed the play and Produced it with me. Elizabeth Bell was the Stage Manager, Sherry Martinez was the Costume Designer and Jake Haven Parisseas was the Violence Coordinator. We also cast an amazing group … Continue reading My Play: The Salt Pit

Investigative Journalism . . . not dead yet.

It’s no secret that journalism has taken it on the chin for the past 10-15 years. With media consolidation and downsizing it’s not a big secret that most journalism has become either polarizing or inane and finding anything objective can be challenging, at best (an insanely reductive sentence, I am aware). That’s not to say that objective journalism doesn’t exist, it does (Media Matters, PBS, … Continue reading Investigative Journalism . . . not dead yet.

We Need to Talk About Twitter

I don’t like social media. While I have a presence on all of them, I am only moderately active on LinkedIn … and like almost anyone, I only use Instagram to waste time. Facebook? I don’t engage. Google+? Is that still a thing? Tumblr? I’m not a transsexual adult performer so I don’t really use it. Twitter? Ah yes. Twitter. Of the (current) social media big … Continue reading We Need to Talk About Twitter

Podcast Review: The Great God of Depression

The Radiotopia Showcase series presents The Great God of Depression, a five episode podcast. In his 2017 Netflix special 3 Mics, comedian Neal Brennan details his lifelong struggle with depression. I recently outed myself as having battled clinical depression for decades. Last week, in The Hollywood Reporter, media executive Paul Greenberg shared his success story with ECT in treating his depression. It’s fair to say that opening up about clinical … Continue reading Podcast Review: The Great God of Depression

Review: Who Is America? on Showtime

This past Sunday, the new Sacha Baron Cohen show, Who Is America?, debuted on Showtime. If you don’t like satire, you won’t like this show (just wait, they’ll re-boot Two and a Half Men). If you like satire, you’ll love it. This show won’t bridge any cultural or political divide that currently exists. But, is that the job of a comedian? No. Is Who Is America? brutal? Yes.  Is it unfair? Perhaps.  Is it … Continue reading Review: Who Is America? on Showtime

Net Neutrality … Again

The past 1 year, 168 days, 22 hours, 10 minutes and 38 seconds (as of this writing) has seen a cavalcade morons march (or goose step, take your pick) into Washington. You might even say Washington is home to a League of Morons. It’s also no secret that the current administration, regardless of educational pedigree or class status, has the intellectual wisdom of an article … Continue reading Net Neutrality … Again

Review: Season Two of Goliath on Amazon Prime Video

The first season of Amazon’s Goliath was good. It was like a typical David E. Kelley show … but with swear words. In the second season, Kelley passes the showrunning duties to Clyde Phillips (Dexter) and Phillips raises the bar considerably. Not so much with the swear words but with the story and the performances (although there are still plenty of swear words). The 2017 … Continue reading Review: Season Two of Goliath on Amazon Prime Video

This Business With Roseanne Barr

Are we really surprised? Seriously, are we so surprised that Roseanne Barr said something idiotic and despicable? She’s been this way her entire career. Her comedy was mildly amusing, at best, but there seemed to be something cooking under the surface (turns out it was hatred). Barr’s comedy comes from and is delivered with vitriol. We’ve had “angry” comedians in the past, like Richard Pryor … Continue reading This Business With Roseanne Barr

An Open Letter to People Who Walk Their Dog Without a Leash

Dear neighbors who walk their dog unleashed, Hi! I’m the guy with the tan pit bull mix named Rufus. I want to take a moment and ask you to walk your dog with a leash. No, I get it. Your dog is amazing and well-trained. You’ve been through extensive training and your dog knows a slew of verbal commands. Your dog is a service animal … Continue reading An Open Letter to People Who Walk Their Dog Without a Leash

White Nationalism and White Supremacy

What’s the difference between white nationalism and white supremacy? Aside from wardrobe.  Granted white nationalism is a much more marketable and relatable term because hell, by the words alone, I am a white nationalist. Now, I may not believe the United States is the best country on the planet but it is the place I am proud to call home; and I’m an active participant … Continue reading White Nationalism and White Supremacy


Once in a while a show comes along that is poised to change television for the better. Fleabag is that type of show. And I was so thrilled with it, I just wanted to throw this out into the ether so people can get hip to it. All six episodes of the first series are currently streaming on Amazon Prime. This is without question one … Continue reading Fleabag

What the Day Brings

I do these writing prompt deals from time to time. They help stimulate a little creativity and get the tappers on the keyboard. This one came from Medium. The prompt was “What Prepares You for the Day“. For the uninitiated, Medium is a writing platform created by Ev Williams, one of the creators of Twitter. Ironically, where Twitter only allows 140 characters to communicate, Medium … Continue reading What the Day Brings

Everything is Illuminated…or is it?

This past weekend I watched the 2005 film Everything is Illuminated, written and directed by Liev Screiber and based on the Jonathan Safron novel of the same name. A good movie about a young Jewish American man who goes to the Ukraine to find the woman who saved his grandfather during World War II. The film, and I presume book, is a quest/journey of sorts, … Continue reading Everything is Illuminated…or is it?

Media Pimps & Media Whores

We’re media whores. Comcast, News Corp,. Viacom, Disney, Time Warner (NOT the cable company) and CBS are our pimps. According to a report by Nielsen (hardly a reliable source, but seemingly the only one we have) we spend about five hours a day watching television. Not your laptop, desktop or tablet, the good old-fashioned talking box. The analogy between the media and us and the … Continue reading Media Pimps & Media Whores

Chris Rock Is Firing On All Cylinders

Ok, so I am a little late on this one. And maybe I take my comedy too seriously (ironic, huh). You see, I avoid Saturday Night Live. I don’t find it funny and personally think it has become an exercise in unfunny. I think people only watch it in the hope that it will be funny and then when something is modestly funny, they think it is … Continue reading Chris Rock Is Firing On All Cylinders

Fear and Love

It’s no secret life is complicated, but fundamentally, it can be boiled down to two things. Fear and love. You can choose to live a life of fear or you can choose to live a life of love. I know what you are thinking, “Aren’t you really oversimplifying it?” Maybe. Maybe not. I’ve spent the better part of my life choosing to live in fear. … Continue reading Fear and Love

Duke Rests in Peace

Before I had Rufus the Pitbull (mix), I had Duke the Rottwieler (pure). They’re both dogs from notoriously aggressive breeds. Rufus and Duke, not so aggro. Rufus is hyper and anxious. Duke was chill and peaceful. Extremely intelligent dogs prone to grave acts of stupidity. Rufus is mostly on edge, but sweet. Duke was never on edge, but always sweet. They both have earned the … Continue reading Duke Rests in Peace

Jeff Zucker doesn’t need you.

Yea, that’s right, that Zucker doesn’t need anything from us to convince himself and the corporate war lords, past and present, that he is the go to television executive. I just finished reading this profile by Gabriel Sherman on the Zuckster, the guy with the brown fingered touch, from the 10.5 New York Magazine. It’s a pretty well balanced portrayal of the man, the myth and … Continue reading Jeff Zucker doesn’t need you.

The Stephen Collins Thing

So much for that whole “innocent until proven guilty”, huh? So much for the sanctity of marriage and therapy, huh? Look, whatever Stephen Collins did (and it’s allegedly horrible behavior) his career is over. There is no erasing the stink of child molestation, regardless of guilt or innocence. However inappropriate his alleged behavior may have been, what does it say about a wife who takes … Continue reading The Stephen Collins Thing


And so it begins. Another change. I’ve decided to forgo the whole “I’m gonna be a dancer” deal (Liberia just doesn’t seem safe) and stay in the white-collar world. I had received so many “Good lucks” when I mentioned my new endeavour that I’m grateful so many people gave a shit. Of course, I would nod and say “Thank you” and mention some sort of … Continue reading Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

The Bridge – Until I’m One With You

Last night was the season two premiere of FX’s The Bridge. And the show came flying out of the gate, introducing a cacophony of story lines. Which I am sensing is becoming a pattern with FX shows. Kurt Sutter did it last year in the premiere of his Sons of Anarchy: thankfully, Sutter was able to tie everything together by the end of the season. … Continue reading The Bridge – Until I’m One With You

Lost the Battle. Winning the War.

A little over three years ago, a girl I was dating ended our relationship…for the second time. She had determined that “maybe there was someone better out there.” I assured her that indeed there was…and always would be. I tried telling her that was an endless and futile search because it didn’t matter who she was with, there would always be someone better. I tried … Continue reading Lost the Battle. Winning the War.

I was a bartender NOT a mixologist.

I recently re-launched wait(er) Magazine as a free iOS app (download here) and re-read this on my way in to work this morning and was rather pleased with myself…so I am re-posting it. _________________________________________ I was a bartender. I was never a mixologist. You may be asking yourself “what’s the difference”. They both make drinks in a food and/or beverage serving establishment. As the foodie … Continue reading I was a bartender NOT a mixologist.


Last Tuesday my one-act play, Results, was included as part of the ongoing reading series Under Rehearsed, sponsored by the Rising Sun Performance Company in Brooklyn, New York. Cast: Andrea Cordaro – Mrs. Ferguson Trey K. Blackburn – Mr. Ferguson Larry Gutman – Dr. Gladstone Directed by Kathleen Schlemmer Casting & RSP Intern – Michael Witkes As the kids are wont to say, it went swimmingly … Continue reading “Results”