Are Republicans Flagrantly Sexist?

Greetings from the city of lost angels…and souls.

So I watched the last hour of the Republican debate the other night. Trying to find it on the hotel television was as complicated as trying to understand the success of the Kardashian family.

I eventually ended up streaming it on the Fox News website. Incidently, big ups to Fox News for making it easy to stream (unlike the last Democratic debate which streamed on the Jeff Zucker clusterfuck that is CNN). 

Overall, the same old tropes were bandied about. Less government, more on defense, Russia is evil, Hillary is the antichrist, we must be the army of the world, less taxes, get rid of illegal immigrants, yaddda yadda yadda.

No, the Dem’s aren’t much better in that regard because they prattle on about the their shite. 

However, exactly how you can build defense and police the world without increasing taxes is a little confounding to me. But then I didn’t go to the University of Chicago Business School and study under the economic dolt master general, Milton Friedman. 

Furthermore, I can’t possibly be the only one left scratching their head when Donald Trump is braying about sending 11 million illegals back to Mexico (or wherever)? Uh, who exactly is going to build his garish monuments to capitalism and the Trump brand? Who is going to clean the rooms in said memorials to his narcissism? 

Trump will self destruct. Well, I hope so anyway.

Is Ben Carson an android? Did he sneak in and steal my Xanax supply? I saw as much animation out of him, in the hour I watched, as I see in a Kevin Carter photograph (which is to say nil, he was a photographer). 

Marco Rubio? He should be selling Volvo’s not running a country.

Calm down John Kasich.

Ted Cruz? Really, can anyone trust anything that comes out of this man’s mouth? The guy is like a sleazier version of Richard Nixon…and that’s saying something. Be sure to visit him on his website. 

Jeb Bush, the likely candidate…boring. As usual. Jeb, buddy, let’s get cracking. 

Rand Paul, hell, at least he stuck to his message and stayed on point. The less comical of the above.

Carly Fiorina. Well, from what I saw, she delivered the most cogent arguments. I actually didn’t feel bile tickle my esophagus as she was speaking (can’t say that about the others). I fear no one is taking her particularly seriously.

While tame compared to the other Republican debates, it was still a rambunctious affair that saw the idiot brigade shouting over one another. UNTIL Carly did it and Trump, ever the sexist, excreted “Why does she keep interrupting everybody?” (maybe everyone in opposition to Trump simply sounds like a woman to him…just a thought).

The following morning I was reading an article in the NYTimes (all the news that’s fit to print…or that they deem fit to print), there was nary a mention of Miss Fiorina until the fourth paragraph from the bottom…and that mention was the one I just referred to. Not one other mention of the one candidate who I considered the more substantive, and presidential, people on that circus stage. 

The WSJ article I read after the Times didn’t mention her at all. Of the two articles I found on-line, one mentioned her once and the other didn’t mention her at all. Admittedly, I didn’t do a deep dive to find the original article (which I suspect is behind a paywall) and only did a cursory search this morning (time is scarce these days). 

Does that say conclusively that the Republicans are sexist? Absolutely not. BUT, it’s no secret they have had some issues with minorities and women throughout the years. Especially those with strong personalities.

Are the Democrats much better? Actually, regarding inclusiveness and gender equality, yea, they’re better.

Are Dem’s that much different from their counterparts? Nah, probably not. They’re both towing the party lines this election season and are both run by special interests and corporations. Don’t be silly. 

Truth is, these debates are making for some good theater.  

I’ll still vote the way I always do. Write in for the late comedian Bill Hicks. 😉

Oh, and one other note. The government is NOT A GOD DAMN BUSINESS. You’re fucking around with people’s lives and livelihood. PLEASE do not treat (or even refer) to it as such. If you do, we’re more fucked than we already are.