A Sh*t Show

It’s been a shit show in Washington D.C. for many years now. Yesterday’s veiled attempt at Congressional empathy reached a new and divisive low. 

The Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh senate interviews. 

On the one hand you had a brutal, gut wrenching and credible story from a woman who clearly lives with the horrible memory of an event no woman (or man) should ever be put through (but all too often is). Professor Blasey Ford’s testimony doesn’t need explanation or too much examination. Does it? Her integrity, strength, candor and honesty can leave absolutely no room for question or debate. 

On the other hand, you had a privileged and petulant asshole bray like someone  who received the wrong drink at Starbucks. 

And straight out of 2018 Central Casting, Brett Kavanaugh looked and acted just how you’d expect a private school, Ivy League educated, white, federal judge vying for a lifetime appointment to the highest legal position in the country would act. In other words, he acted like a dick. I mean, who are we to question the integrity of this “great man”?

Miraculously, the “persecution” of this man has somehow found crossover with the blue-collar MAGA supporter who has lost his job due to the American manufacturing exodus of the last 25 years and lives one or two paychecks away from being destitute. 

To describe Brett Kavanaugh’s performance yesterday as anything but would be disingenuous. So, I suppose it’s no shock that Kavanaugh’s performance received two thumbs up and a glowing review from the sexual predator and serial female assaulter in charge, SHOTUS (Shit Head of the United States) aka Donald Trump. 

Attempting to coordinate this shit show was the Senate Judiciary Committee, 21 U.S. Senators (11 Republicans, 10 Democrats) who oversee the Department of Justice. Regardless of political ideology, this is a motley crew of people I’d hardly trust drinking out of a child’s sippy cup (but to be fair I feel that way about most politicians). 

I had naively hoped that the Ford and Kavanaugh interviews could’ve opened a few hearts and minds (I’m pretty progressive, by default an optimist). But in 2018 America, and Washington D.C., that’s not a naive hope, it’s a stupid one. 

Yesterdays extravaganza did nothing to bridge the ever-expanding chasm that exists both culturally and politically in America. In fact, like anything marginally political today, yesterday just saw both political sects dig in their heels even more. And I’ll even cop to that. But I’ll at least admit to having been open to objectively listening to Brett Kavanaugh … until I saw the vitriol, lies and spittle (thanks HD) fly from his word hole. 

Brett Kavanaugh is what became of Steff McKee, the James Spader character from Pretty in Pink

And today the motley crew that makes up the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on whether Brett Kavanaugh gets a pass on his past alleged sexual abuse (and yes, they’re still alleged) … and whether he gets a pass to a full Senate vote that could take place as early as next week. To be clear, this is a vote to let another privileged white man into the upper echelon of American politics, and history, while receiving a lifetime appointment to the apogee of American jurisprudence. YAY! And justice for all!  

Make no mistake, no one, and I truly mean no one, is winning, or will win, from the fall out of this spectacular shit show. We’re all losers here. 

I may end up surprised but I think if you wanna know how all of this plays out, just look at the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

November is coming.