10 Things to Watch on Netflix in July

Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee (July 6) — As Larry David said, “this really is a show about nothing.” The show is not ironically named. Host Jerry Seinfeld returns interviewing more comedians. More hit than miss, this tenth season will have Dave Chapelle, Kate McKinnon, John Mulaney and nine other comedians and actors.

Orange is the New Black (July 27) — In its sixth season, OITNB is still wildly popular and returns at the end of the month. 

Blue Valentine (July 5) — Writer/Director Derek Cianfrance and actors Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are firing on all cylinders here. Unless you are completely soulless (like Hitler soulless), this movie will break your heart. BUT, I would NOT advise watching this with your partner, you’ll probably fight. Trust me.

Jurassic Park (July 1) — See where it all began. While the series seems to be getting a little long in the tooth, the original can still hold its own.

Menace II Society (July 1) —From 1993, this is a dark and gritty portrayal of life in Watts; it put the Hughes Brothers on the map. The film takes place just at the dawn of the entertainment industries capitalization of ghetto culture and the cinema verite quality gives it a real kick in the groin.

Gone Baby Gone (July 12) — This film made you scratch your head and contemplate if Ben Affleck was a better director than he is an actor (arguably, he is). It also had us all giving pause as to how much better Casey Affleck was at acting than his big brother (objectively, he is). There is nothing wrong with this movie and the deep bench of great actors promises no shortage of brilliant performances. Yea, there is the Boston accent, but … get over it.

Anne with an “E” (July 6) — The Canadian show about an intrepid orphan, based on Anne of Green Gables, returns for a second season.  

The Skin of the Wolf (July 6) — Debut film by Spanish Writer/Director Samu Fuentes’ (remember, subtitles, never dubbed), this is the story of an animal trapper living in an abandoned mountain town. Tries to cure loneliness by getting a wife … sounds like a fantasy film or Ray Romano comedy, but it’s neither.

Duck Duck Goose (July 20) – There are a TON of children and Young Adult releases this month, I just picked one. I liked this game as a kid and I like Jim Gaffigan … so, there’s that.

GLOW: Season Two (June 29) — Yes, technically this came out in June AND I mentioned it last month, but if you enjoy fun comedy, good ’80s music and a touch of drama for good measure you’ll do no better than GLOW. Alison Brie is fun to watch (so is everyone, really) and Marc Maron is simply great (he’s the real reason to watch). For the past three years he’s been really at the top of his game for everything he’s doing (which is a lot) and GLOW is a highlight.

Originally published at, July 1, 2018.

*note: that photo has nothing to do with anything … just a little Brooklyn graffiti from 2013, courtesy of yours truly.